Replay - Paging

Customizing Pages

By default, page markers are inserted into the replay whenever an Activity is started. By default, the title of the page is the name of the activity. The client can customize the page title by implementing the com.foresee.sdk.instrumentation.ForeSeePage interface. For example:

public class MyActivity extends Activity implements ForeSeePage {
    public String foreSeePageName() {
        return "My Activity"

Excluding Pages

Activities can be excluded from automatic paging by implementing the com.foresee.sdk.instrumentation.AutoPageChangeDisabled interface. This is simply a marker interface and no implementation is required. For example:

public class MyActivity extends Activity implements AutoPageChangeDisabled {

Programmatic Insertion of Page Markers

In some situations, the client may wish to explicitly insert page markers into the replay. For example, the activity may be tab-oriented and it may be desirable to see page markers whenever a user selects a tab. Page markers can be inserted into the replay by invoking the ForeSee.logReplayPageChange(name) method.

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