Invitation API - Default Layout

By default, Trigger uses this default layout and design to show the invitation to the user for all these invitation modes.

Mobile SDK - Default Invite

You can set the invite listener to an instance of DefaultInviteListener to get notified when the following events occur:


Here is the list of methods available in this listener that you can use in order to customize the invite experience.
For more info, Please refer to our API documentation.

  • onInvitePresented
  • onInviteCompleteWithAccept
  • onInviteCompleteWithDecline
  • onInviteCancelledWithNetworkError
  • onInviteNotShownWithNetworkError
  • onInviteNotShownWithEligibilityFailed
  • onInviteNotShownWithSamplingFailed
  • onSurveyPresented
  • onSurveyCompleted
  • onSurveyCancelledByUser
  • onSurveyCancelledWithNetworkError

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