Trigger - Trigger Overview

The Trigger module is included in the ForeSee Replay for Mobile SDK and is responsible for inviting a user to participate in a satisfaction survey. Trigger can be configured to invite a user to participate based on “loyalty” which is defined according to a number of different criteria including:

  • Number of times the app has been launched
  • Time since the app was first launched
  • Pages viewed since the app was first launched
  • Custom events

In addition, the client can define whether or not a user can be re-invited and how many days to wait before re-inviting.

Trigger Customization

All Trigger behavior is defined in the foresee_configuration.json file included with the SDK. This file must be added to the project.


A survey and its loyalty criteria are represented in the configuration file as measures. Every measure has a unique Survey ID and defines loyalty criteria specific to that survey. The Survey ID together with the client’s Customer ID defines a unique survey. This allows the client to configure multiple measures in the app.

Triggering Sequence

Determining whether or not a user is eligible to participate in a survey is done though a single method:


Calling that method initiates the following sequence of events:

  1. Determine if the user has fulfilled any of the loyalty criteria for any defined measure.
  2. Make an HTTP request to the ForeSee server to see if the user is in the sampling pool.
  3. If the user has fulfilled the trigger criteria and is in the sampling pool, the default invitation is presented.
  4. If the invitation is accepted, depending on which invite mode is configured, the survey either presents immediately inside the application or the user is notified to participate at a later time.
  5. If the invitation is declined, the invite is dismissed.

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