ForeSee Hosted Code

The default option for deploying ForeSee products to your website is to use our hosted JavaScript. We host the assets for getting ForeSee products onto your website and you make a single, one-time change to your website template that you don’t need to touch from that point forward. The benefits of this approach include:

  • One-time code change. This greatly simplifies the process of implementing our code package on your site. Once you have our embed-snippet in your HTML template, you don’t need to make further changes when you want to tweak the way products trigger or behave on your site – we can take care of those steps for you.
  • No need to host ForeSee files. With this system you no longer need to host any ForeSee scripts, stylesheets, or images, making the process of implementing our code easier than before.
  • A reliable, enterprise-grade Content Delivery Network (CDN). We partner with an industry-leading CDN that provides low-latency, high-reliability, geographically distributed edge servers to ensure content is delivered to your website visitors quickly.
  • Asynchronous loading.  Content is loaded onto your site in parallel with the rest of your content, meaning that ForeSee scripts will have negligible impact on page-load times in the unlikely event the content server is slow or unreachable.

Articles in this section:

  1. Security & Reliability
  2. Deployment Options
  3. The Embed Snippet
  4. Self Hosting Code
  5. Calling API Methods