ForeSee Hosted Code - Deployment Options

To support the diversity of workflows and policies that customers may have for their website, ForeSee provides several options for getting code implemented. Code is normally hosted in the cloud using our high-availability CDN, but we do provide an option to self-host the majority of the JavaScript, CSS, and HTML in your own environment. In addition, the cloud environment supports both staging and production sandboxes to facilitate your QA process.

The options are:

1. ForeSee Hosted Code (preferred)

This is the default option and offers the most hands-off experience for you. In this case, you make a small addition to your global website template to link to the hosted JavaScript file.  This method allows all code modifications to be made by ForeSee, without any further changes to your website.  Once you’ve added the snippet to your template, you don’t need to touch it again to receive code updates from us. This is because the embed snippet will reference your permanent home in the cloud. For example:

Cacheing for Hosted Code
Server cache expiration on these endpoints is extremely short, though browser cache is 12 hours. Returning visitors will receive new files if they are changed within 12 hours, but new visitors will always receive the latest files from the CDN.

2. Self-Hosted Code

In some cases, clients prefer not to host the client code in the cloud. If this applies to you, we can deliver a ZIP file containing everything, and you can host it in your own infrastructure.

Staging and Deployment Environments

Regardless of which hosted option you are using (#1, or #2), we support both staging and production environments with unique URL’s. You can take advantage of this to make testing easier as you roll out changes to your website. Both environments utilize the same web-scale infrastructure, but are totally isolated from each other.

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