Client Code (Web SDK) - Client Code Release Notes

Public releases of the Web SDK are included below. For iOS and Android SDK release notes, refer to the Downloads section. Unless specified, these apply to all client code products including Trigger, Replay, and Feedback.

Release 19.3.3

Estimated release: Late April, 2017

Release 19.3.2

  • Fixed issue on Feedback where client logo wouldn’t appear in some cases
  • Added new extension point to get the invitation status of a user. This article has more details
  • Fixed issues where Feedback survey and/or badge weren’t loading properly in rare instances
  • Fixed variable checking for survey include/exclude
  • Fixed timing issue with fsReady() and acsReady() making API not available at the right time
  • Fixed display issues in IE10 for Feedback

Release 19.3.1

  • Improved compatibility with Google Analytics

Release 19.3.0

  • Ability to configure mobile invite colors (see How to Personalize Your Survey Invite for more details)
  • New “light” themed mobile invite template
  • Fixed issue which would cause other pop-ups to appear over the survey invite or Feedback button in rare instances
  • Improved collection of Feedback CPPs
  • Fixed issues with tracker window and survey invite on IE10, IE11, and Safari
  • Support dropped for IE9
  • Changes to ForeSee cookie
    • Cookie name changed from __fspl__ to _4c_ to avoid conflicts with previous versions of code
    • Cookie now utilizes DEFLATE compression for ~30% reduction in overall size.
  • Fixed issue where selecting privacy link on mobile survey invite would hide the invite
  • Improved tabbing from web page to invite modal (better for accessibility)

Release 19.2.0

  • New mobile invitation look to comply with Google mobile accessibility standards.
  • Ability to set sampling percentage and loyalty factor by locale.
  • Ability to disable some built-in CPP’s added.
  • Support for custom invitations added.
  • Tweaks to pinning and locking feature of trigger code.
  • Improved conversion funnel reporting for trigger code.
  • Replay session expiration tweaked. Sessions now expire 1 hour after the last page load.
  • New API extension to log custom events. Documentation.

Release 19.1.4

  • Automatic prevention of overlapping invitations when showInvite() is called more than once.

Release 19.1.3

  • Automatic deletion of legacy ForeSee cookies.

Release 19.1.2

  • Feedback badge display issues resolved.
  • Feedback survey display issues resolved.
  • Feedback IE8 blocking implemented.
  • Feedback moving between security origins fixed.
  • Feedback in-page reporting project list display issues fixed.
  • Feedback skip-logic in surveys now supported.
  • Feedback Incognito mode issues addressed.

Release 19.1.1

  • Cookie-based CPP’s issue resolved.
  • Accessibility improvements with the ForeSee DHTML invitation.
  • Omniture Beacon ID captured automatically now.
  • Repeat-days setting now configurable by survey-definition.
  • Survey definition lock mode working as expected now.

Release 19.1.0

  • Replay recorder file size reduced 5%.
  • Cookie name changed from “acs.t” to “_fsspl_”.
  • Replay tracking improved in older IE versions (on insecure pages).
  • Environment detection improved. OSX and Windows OS version detected more reliably.
  • Custom loyalty-factors by locale.
  • CPP by function fix.
  • Ability to disable Chrome tracker window alert.
  • Logos now loaded off the Foresee CDN.
  • Service health checked now before presenting invitations or feedback badges.
  • TrustE badges removed.
  • Cookie size reduced a little.

Release 19.0.35

  • ARIA accessibility improvements to DHTML invitations

Release 19.0.32

  • Added support for function-based CPPs (allows for GA and Omniture integration)
  • Fixed Regex on URL issues for survey include/exclude
  • Fixed variable checking for survey include/exclude
  • Fixed cookie checking for survey include/exclude
  • Fixed sampling percentage of 0 from being treated as 100
  • Stopping survey invites from appearing within iframes

Release 19.0.31

  • Adding config to not signal page navigation when iFrame source changes.
  • Adding support for function-based CPPs.

Release 19.0.30

  • Resolved some script errors.

Release 19.0.29

  • Resolved errors caused by masking node targeting.

Release 19.0.28

  • Resolved some script errors caused by recorder instance not being set properly in some cases.
  • Removed required notation on Feedback Thank You page.

Release 19.0.27

  • Resolved numerous mobile display issues on Feedback.
  • Issue where repeatDays was not working and survey was not re-inviting after 90 days (in some cases) is resolved.
  • Invitation ForeSee logo linked to wrong landing page, now links to correct landing page for information about ForeSee.
  • Feedback badges were stacking up on HTML5 navigation events. This is now resolved.
  • Added the ability to turn off iFrame tracking (Replay)
  • Repaired inline-PII whitelisting feature (Replay)

Release 19.0.24

  • Storage frame accessibility update. HTML title attribute is more descriptive.
  • Basic qualifiers are now available and are more visually appealing than previous.

Release 19.0.22

  • Added support for HTML5 “single page applications”. HTML5-style navigation events are considered to be page changes now by Trigger code, Replay, and Feedback.
  • Feedback public API namespace renamed from FSFB to FSRFB.

Release 19.0.21

  • Re-added and improved capability from <=18x. Now available as FSR.pageReset(). This feature lets you simulate a page change in cases where there was no browser navigation event.
  • Improved event unbinding and cleanup to be more thorough.
  • Replay: Increased sampling rate of mouse move events by 20% for better recordings.

Release 19.0.20

  • Replay: More reliable capture of DOM events that occur in rapid-fire succession.
  • Resolved an issue with Ajax requests where Replay data was sometimes appended.
  • Resolved several minor JavaScript exceptions that would interrupt triggering on rare occasions.

Release 19.0.13

  • Cross-domain iFrame recording in Replay now possible.
  • Fixed JavaScript errors on mobile and desktop Safari when Private Browsing mode is used.
  • Mobile sessions begin transmitting on first page to reduce gradually increasing memory allocation over the course of a recording.
  • Fixed DOCTYPE detection in Replay, fixing layout issues on some sites.
  • Replay refactored as a singleton to support Feedback integration and recordings that are shared between Feedback and cxMeasure.

Release 19.0.0

  • Changed cookie name from ‘fsr.s’ to ‘acs.t’.
  • Replay DOM capture and masking performance improved 22% by optimizing capture functions.
  • Total file size reduced 17.5% when Replay is included, 36% without.
  • Survey definitions, and language tables now written into the gateway JS file rather than contained in a separate file – speeding download times.
  • Trigger and Replay are only downloaded now if needed on the page.
  • Fixed detection of IE 11 Edge.
  • Added storage feature detection.
  • Sometimes-used features (True Conversion, Invitation, Replay) are now separated from main code base and bootstrapped when required.
  • Replay and Trigger are now loaded in parallel for ~30% download performance boost when both are used.
  • Commonly used utilities between Trigger, Feedback, and Replay separated into unique file.
  • Invitation, tracker window, and test page driven from templates for greater customization ability.
  • A/B Testing of invitation and tracker windows.
  • 3 new invitation styles to choose from.
  • Minifaction method changed from Closure Compiler to UglifyJS2 resulting in fewer minification related regressions.
  • Replay transmissions only support CORS transport.
  • GZip compression for Replay is automatic for transmissions over 1kb resulting in smaller payload sizes.
  • DOM events are now properly unbound on page unload and when invitation is removed from UI resulting, fixing memory leaks in older browsers.
  • Fixed onUnload handling of Replay storage resulting in fewer ‘broken’ sessions.

Release 18.4.13

  • Resolved iOS 10 detection issue.

Release 18.4.11

  • Adding option in Tracker.Config to remove the tracker click to close binding.

Release 18.4.9

  • Adding iframe name, changing iframe title.

Release 18.4.7

  • Fix for Reverse Buttons functionality in survey invitation.

Release 18.4.3

  • fixed retrieval from storage

Release 18.3.8

  • Matching doc types to fix rendering issues on web pages

Release 18.4.0

  • Moving Foresee logo to bottom.
  • Fixed retrieval from storage.
  • Reverting cookie retrieval functionality that was breaking pooling.
  • Overcoming console errors.

Release 18.2.7

  • Adding checks for _4c being defined.
  • Matching doc types to fix rendering issues on web pages.
  • Fixed and DOM storage persistence on unload.
  • Ensuring only one heartbeat per page load by checking for optional auto parameter.

Release 18.2.0

  • Updating device detection endpoint.
  • Fixing offsets for grey area in FSR overlay.
  • Replay performance enhancements for mobile and tablet.

Release 18.1.16

  • Added CPP for users who click on the tracker window.
  • On hybrid mode service check failure, set ‘rt’ to true to begin transmission.
  • Initialize bug fix: check if self references window. If not, use window instead of self.

Release 18.1.10

  • When JSON.stringify() is passed an object with a toJSON() method, it stringifies the return value of toJSON() instead of the original object.
    Some users were adding a toJSON prototype to Array, which causes our sent data to be double-escaped.
  • Fix for IE8 JSON.stringify of null DOM properties.
  • Updated TRUSTe seal & information.

Release 18.1.8

  • Fixed styling issues on reminder.html.
  • Added Default Multi-Variant CPP and invite event override of type property.
  • Frame controller updated it’s status check to return true correctly
    Frame controller updated it’s postMessage check to ensure that the method is available after existence check.

Release 18.1.6

  • Pool.js set pool state to ‘out’ if postMessage if not available.
  • IE8 Compatibility mode user agent recognition
    Adding IE# to overlay class name to address cases where IE9 specific CSS is needed on the invite.
  • Changes to support white list inline html blocking and element unblocking.
  • Changing default transport list to (CORS, then SWF) for all browsers except IE 8,9.
  • Build numbers update to 18.1.24, 18.1.24, 1.1.4 and added cloud Replay recording endpoint.

Release 18.1.5

  • Hosted Code: CPPs not being passed to survey.
  • Adding mi-oneplus to mobile ua detection list.
  • Checking for instanceof Node before modifying CSS to overcome weird behavior of site.
  • Adding title attribute to iframe for HTML 508 Compliance.

Release 18.1.4

  • Fix for when opening a new window with some specific configurations.
  • Dropped iOS6 support. Will not record prior to iOS6 now.
  • Edge case when detecting IE7 resolved.
  • Whitelisting form elements on Webkit improved.
  • Added JSON.stringify and parse support for older IE (<8).
  • Added close-window confirmation on tracker window.

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