Client Code (Web SDK) - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ForeSee Client Code?

The ForeSee Client Code Web SDK is used to implement the suite of measurement tools for desktop, mobile, and tablet websites, Feedback projects, and Replay.

What is

Answers Corporation is the parent company of ForeSee. The earlier versions of the code snippet referenced We have since created the ForeSee® Content Publishing system in February 2017 and the snippet references:[sitekey]/staging/gateway.min.js. Eventually we will transition all the services to domains.

I have older ForeSee code that seems to be working fine. Why should I upgrade?

  • Google Mobile Invitation policy change on Jan 10, 2017.
  • Updated mobile invitation look and feel.
  • Ability to customize invitation.
  • iOS change for mobile in Sept. 2016 prevents invitations in iOS 10.
  • Latest versions work correctly in supported browsers.
  • Smaller, encrypted, compressed cookie is more secure.

Can I change the look of the invitation?

There are several options available for changing the look of desktop and mobile invitations. There is also an extension point for creating your own invitation. Read more about this in the Customized Invitations section.

Can I prevent the invitation from showing on certain pages?

The client code can be configured to “exclude” pages from presenting the invitation by using the following:

  • URL pattern – Do not show the invitation if the URL contains ‘/checkout/’.
  • Variable – Do not show the invitation if the page contains a variable called ‘internalIP’ with a value of ‘’.
  • Cookie – Do not show the invitation if there is a cookie called ‘loggedIn’ with a value of ‘Yes’.
  • userAgent – Do not show the invitation when the userAgent contains ‘selenium’.
  • Browser – Do not show the invitation on IE 10 browsers.
  • Referring URL – Do not show the invitation if the site visitor comes from ‘’.

Can I make an invite appear based on a certain condition?

The client code can be configured to make an invite appear based on the following conditions:

  • URL pattern – Show the invitation if the URL contains ‘/checkout/’.
  • Variable – Show the invitation if the page contains a variable called ‘internalIP’ with a value of ‘’.
  • Cookie – Show the invitation if there is a cookie called ‘loggedIn’ with a value of ‘Yes’.

How do I test the code to ensure it’s working as expected?

See Testing Client Code section.

Do we have to use the child (tracker) window in the desktop survey experience?

We have found over the years that this is the best way to show the questionnaire only when the consumer has finished their visit to your site and is ready to provide feedback from a holistic view point. The child (tracker) window is waiting for the main window/tab to be closed or for the domain to change, and then shows the survey.

It is possible to present the survey immediately after accepting the invitation. However, this is typically reserved for questions at the end of an experience, such as a purchase.

My code is pretty old and I am upgrading to ForeSee® Cloud Deployment. What do I need to do?

Remove any and all references on your site to:

  • <script type="text/javascript" src="/foresee/foresee-alive.js"></script>
  • <script type="text/javascript" src="/foresee/foresee-trigger.js"></script>

Then follow the instructions for implementing the ForeSee Client Code. Once the legacy code has been removed, the Foresee directory/directories can also be removed. ForeSee® Cloud Deployment will replace the existing implementation.

How can I change the sampling criteria for my client code?

At this time, any sampling criteria requests are handled through the ForeSee Implementation Team. Contact your analyst or send a request to

What are CPPs?

Data points that you have on your website may be sent with the response data. This helps with the segmentation of the satisfaction data for deeper insight. See Customer Passed Parameters for more information.

Does ForeSee collect PII (Personally Identifiable Information)?

Personally identifiable information is never intentionally collected by ForeSee. We do, however, have the capability of collecting parameters identified by our clients through a URL, JavaScript variable, or cookie that could provide segmentation information. See Customer Passed Parameters (CPPs) for more information.

How long before we can invite the same person again?

Typically we configure the re-invite period to be 90 days. However, this is configurable and may be different for those that accept the invitation and those that decline.

When testing, I see different behavior for the different browsers. Is this expected?

Yes, the four major browsers handle our child (tracker) window differently. This is expected behavior and we have provided more information in the Desktop Invitation section.

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