Implementing Client Code - ForeSee® On-Premises Deployment

ForeSee® On-Premises Deployment Option

Name Changes

  • ForeSee® On-Premises Deployment Option is the new name for “client-hosted” or “self-hosted” code
  • ForeSee® Cloud Deployment is the new name for ForeSee “hosted code”

These changes will be reflected in various places over the next few weeks.

Product Changes

The ForeSee On-Premises Deployment, coming out in 19.3.3, has a different architecture than previous versions of “client hosted” code. The key change is that the product configuration files will now be hosted on ForeSee servers.

Here is what this means to clients using the On-Premises Deployment:

High level changes

  • Clients still host and deploy all product files as they have done previously with client-hosted products.
  • Clients can use configuration options exposed within CX Suite.
  • Clients can use Feedback product.
  • Implementation Services team can push config changes without redeploying the entire product.
  • Downside: Clients cannot make adjust sampling/LF by themselves until it is exposed an option within CX Suite (possibly Fall 2017 release but not sure yet).
  • Note for security concerned clients: There will be no externally hosted JavaScript files. The configuration file is a small JSON file which contains a few settings only and it does not pose a security risk.

A few diagrams can be found later in this document which further explain the code changes:

Other technical configuration notes


JavaScript Regex’s are not part of the JSON specification, so cannot be used. Here is an example:

inviteExclude: {
"urls": [

These expressions are probably unnecessary. In all the examples above, the same effect would be achieved by enclosing them as strings (sans the regex slashes). For example:


becomes: "gms-dealers.html"


In other places, for example with CPPs, we support the use of functions to compute the CPP. We will not be able to support this with the On-Premises Deployment. Customers will need to use our extension points to add CPPs in this way if they want to use code.


This one is more subtle. Particularly with Replay, we use string concatenation to make the PII masking rules easy to read on the screen. The build system will join these together into a single string. You won’t need to worry about this as an IS person, but something to note.

ForeSee® Cloud Deployment

ForeSee recommended, ForeSee hosted option of client code.

High level overview of the On-Premises Deployment

Client hosted option of client code.

More detailed diagram of the On-Premises Deployment


No longer available “client hosted” deployment (for reference only)

This option is no longer available.

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