Client Code (Web SDK) - Replay

ForeSee® Replay is a video recording of a survey respondent’s visit to your web site. The Web Based Player, used to view these recordings, offers some features and functionality to help in the analysis of the session. Replay presents an added perspective on a survey respondent’s experience and often highlights trouble spots where visitors are consistently experiencing issues with the site. With Replay, you can visually compare the mouse clicks or touches, mouse movement, and page scrolling of an individual session to that of the usage pattern for all sessions.

When a site visitor completes a survey, a recording of their interaction with the web site is transferred to ForeSee’s database. In cases such as Feedback, where the survey is completed before the end of the visit or session, the recording is transferred when the respondent leaves the site.

You can omit one or more pages of your web site from being recorded by entering the page address in the Do not monitor the following page URLs text box on the Site Settings tab in Global Settings. You may also omit specific portions of a page that may display Personal Identity Information (PII) with the Custom PII Masking feature.

Replay uses a Web Based Player to display these recordings, which offers a number of display options and tools to help with the analysis of the respondent’s session.

Recordings are stored for a period of 15 months, at which time the files are purged from the database and are no longer available.

If you are an existing client and would like more information about Replay, log into CX Suite and go to the help section for CX Suite Replay Information.

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