Replay Masking - Inline HTML Masking

The other major type of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) that you want to keep out of your replays is inline with the HTML of your page. Sometimes a username appears in a logged-in section, or a street address can appear during a checkout flow. We have the ability to mask this content before it’s transmitted to the server to be part of a movie.

Inline PII

The two ways to do this are by adding the masking HTML tags to your pages, or by telling us about these regions on your Secure Information Form (SIF), and we can configure the code to block these from our end. To mask a region of an HTML page by yourself, simply add these HTML comments to the page:

<div><!-- fsrHiddenBlockStart -->Some text I want to <span>mask!</span><!-- fsrHiddenBlockEnd --></div>

You can include HTML tags in the section you want to mask. It’s ok to mask large sections of text with HTML formatting mixed in. For example:

<!-- fsrHiddenBlockStart --><table><tr><td>some text</td></tr></table><!-- fsrHiddenBlockEnd -->

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