Client Code (Web SDK) - ForeSee URL API

The URL API is used to for static links, such as those in emails or in feedback solutions, to trigger a ForeSee survey. Client Services may refer to this feature as the Survey Link or the Email Link. This is typically used for fulfillment email but may also be used for Feedback link if NO code is running on the site.

Only some CPP’s are collected automatically when the URL API is used:

  • sid
  • survey_time
  • survey_submits
  • Allows multiple presentations and submissions in same session
  • No fsr.r cookie is dropped.
  • May append additional CPPs using API syntax (instructions below)

API Syntax

ForeSee uses the following parameters to build the URL API:

  • cid: Customer identifier provided by ForeSee Results
  • sid: Survey identifier provided by ForeSee Results

Example format:[CID]&sid=[SID]

Working example:

Adding Additional CPP’s

The client should use these guidelines when they need to pass customer passed parameters using the URL API.

The client can determine which parameters (limit 2056 characters for total URL string) are to pass along with the submitted survey. Multiple CPPs are delimited by an ampersand (‘&’).

ForeSee provides the email survey link in following general format:[cid]&sid=[sid]

There is a CPP to pass with the survey, such as CustID – client specific customer Identifier (The name/value assignment format: &cpp[name]=value). The client should append the CPP format to the end of the string like so:[]&sid=[]&cpp[custid]=1234

Working example:[custid]=1234

Send a test submission

If the client would like to send a test to make sure ForeSee receives their parameter, they must select “Don’t Know” for the first set of question and submit the survey. Then, the client must contact a member of the Implementation Services team to verify the test.

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