Legacy Trigger Code (<18x) - Code File Library

The ForeSee JavaScript library is hosted on the client’s web server. This library contains JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and Image files, as well as a SWF file for SessionReplay. The purpose of this JavaScript library is to present a survey invitation to users based on the configured site requirements. Once the site user has become eligible, based on those requirements, the code presents the survey invitation and subsequent survey questionnaire (hosted by ForeSee) to the user.

In most cases, the ForeSee Implementation team has worked with the client and possibly a Technical Contact to pre-configure the JavaScript library so that there are minimal changes required to implement this code.

File List

Articles in this section:

  1. Explanation of Files
  2. Code Switches
  3. Disabling the Code
  4. Alternate Directory Structures
  5. Separating Files by Type
  6. Separating Files by Environment
  7. Hosting the Code from a Third Party Domain
  8. Changing Survey Behavior
  9. Using Tag Managers
  10. Replay Sampling & Pooling
  11. Testing Outside Production
  12. Flash and DHTML
  13. Customer Passed Parameters (CPPs)
  14. Minimizing Cookie Size