Code File Library - Alternate Directory Structures

For clients who do not wish to save files in the /foresee/ folder structure and prefer their own directory structure, files must be saved to a directory that is accessible to all web pages where satisfaction is measured.

The ‘files’ path in the code must also be modified in the following files:

  • foresee-alive.js
  • foresee-test.js
  • foresee-tracker.js
  • foresee-trigger.js
  • foresee-qualifier.js (if applicable)

The code found in the example below is located at the top of each file listed above. The ‘files’ path must be changed to match the client’s directory structure.

var $$FSR = {
 'timestamp': '__buildtimestamp__',
 'version': '__version__',
 'build': '__buildnumber__',
 'enabled': true,
 'frames' : false,
 'sessionreplay': true,
 'auto' : true,
 'encode' : true,
 'files': '/foresee/',

Options for the ‘files’ parameter include:

'files': '/foresee/', //relative to the domain of the site being measured 
'files': '', //absolute path 
'files': '//', //absolute path adopting protocol

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