Code File Library - Explanation of Files

The ForeSee survey code package includes many files to support many features. Some included files may not be used in a specific implementation. However, the code has been compartmentalized to minimize loading of code on the client’s website.

  • foresee-dhtml.css – Style sheet for survey invitation.
  • foresee-qualifier.css – Style sheet for qualifying.html and reminder.html.
  • foresee-test.css – Style sheet for fsrtest.html.
  • foresee-tracker.css – Style sheet for tracker.html.
  • cancel.html – Cancel page used when using qualifier page and disqualifying user.
  • fsroptout.html – Used to set “survey shown” persistent cookie that lasts for one year.
  • fsrtest.html – Used to set sampling rate for tester session only.
  • iframe_proxier.html – Iframe user in conjunction with the foresee-worker.js to transmit compressed CORS POST transmissions for SessionReplay.
  • invite.html – Used as template for designing invitation. The actual invitation is in foresee-surveydef.js.
  • qualifiying.html – Used when asking a qualifying question PRIOR to presenting survey.
  • reminder.html – Used often to present a survey reminder to users PRIOR to presenting survey.
  • tracker.html – Used when displaying survey onExit of site.
  • fsrlogo.gif – ForeSee Logo for invitation and tracker.html.
  • ie6backdrop.gif – Used for invitation display in IE6.
  • sitelogo.gif – Default client logo.
  • foresee-alive.js – JavaScript functionality used for onExit scenarios to prevent early presentation of survey.
  • foresee-test.js – JavaScript functionality for fsrtest.html test page.
  • foresee-qualifier.js – JavaScript functionality for qualifying.html page.
  • foresee-surveydef.js – JavaScript functionality for survey sampling parameters, this is the configuration file.
  • foresee-tracker.js – JavaScript functionality for tracker.html (used for onExit).
  • foresee-trigger.js – JavaScript functionality for survey presentation. Initializes survey process.
  • foresee-worker.js – JavaScript for a web-worker used to compress the SessionReplay event log when using CORS POST transmission in supported browsers.
  • stripeback.png – Used for invitation display in IE6.
  • truste.png – Trustee logo.
  • foresee-transport.swf – Flash transport used to send SessionReplay information to ForeSee.

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