Code File Library - Replay Sampling & Pooling

With the introduction of Replay ForeSee also introduced the concept of pooling to limit the number of users being recorded at any one time. Pooling works by selecting users into (or out of) of the pool on the very first page. As a result, ForeSee must adjust the sampling percentage up for the survey to account for the fact that fewer people are eligible to take it. ForeSee starts by adjusting sampling percentage in unison with the pooling number. So if the pooling ‘sp’ is 20% (1/5), ForeSee multiplies the current sampling rate by five. Then ForeSee adjusts the sampling percentage up for the average number of pages viewed, being larger than one, to account for the increased probability users who are now not in the pool had of getting invited previously.”

Adjusting the pool (when testing only):

In the foresee-trigger.js file the client can find:

'pools': [{
    path: '.',
    sp: 100

The client must adjust the pooling ‘sp’ to 100 (when testing only) in order to receive the invitation as normal.

At this point the client can use the fsrtest.html file that comes with the code (See Testing & Troubleshooting) to set the sampling percentage for the specific survey in order to see the invitation.

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