Legacy Trigger Code (<18x) - ForeSee Replay Specifications


  • Personally Identifiable Information (PII) blocking


  • Capture:
    • Full DOM and changes to DOM
    • Mouse Movements
    • Scrolling
    • Keyboard Strokes
    • Images
    • Most AJAX and DHTML Interactions
    • Flash/Silverlight Object Initialization
  • Exclude:
    • Entire Pages
    • Specific Fields (i.e., Credit Card Number, Social Security Number)
    • Compression of idle time
    • Off Screen Indicator
    • Histogram of Activity
    • Integrated with Satisfaction Data

Limitations (limited or no recording of):

  • Intranet Sites
  • Flash/Silverlight Interactions
  • iFrames that violate same origin policy of host page
  • CSS and image files that require authenticated or token access
    • This can be tested by accessing the file directly in a new incognito browser window


Small, asynchronous posts are made back to ForeSee servers. They contain highly compressed information about the website DOM, user’s mouse movements, and page interactions. Once transmission begins it can happen as frequently as every second. The average packet size is only 16 bytes.

Transmission is done using CORS as the primary method (www.w3.org/TR/cors/) and AMF as a backup for browsers that don’t support the CORS mechanism.

Articles in this section:

  1. Custom Error Configuration
  2. Custom Event Configuration