Legacy Trigger Code (<18x) - Implementation Steps

This is a guide to implementing the trigger code to meet client business objectives. However, each engagement has its own unique characteristics. So, if some personal guidance is needed, please do not hesitate to contact the ForeSee Implementation Team.

Whenever possible, the ForeSee Implementation Team tests the trigger code via proxy technique on the client’s production website as long as it is publicly available. It is tested in IE, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari to ensure the survey invitation process and survey display meets the business objectives communicated by ForeSee clients.

Because every clients’ testing environment, deployment process, and testing process is unique, it is highly recommended that additional testing be done PRIOR to deploying this code to production.

It is not uncommon that ForeSee clients need a code update from ForeSee prior to going live. The Implementation Services Team offers this support during this process.

Basic Implementation Steps

Whether implementing survey trigger code for a website, mobile website, or survey trigger code that includes SessionReplay, the basic implementation is the same:

  • Host the ForeSee assets (JavaScript, HTML, CSS, images, and one .swf file.) on the client’s web or content server.
  • Insert a JavaScript reference included globally across the client’s website.

Articles in this section:

  1. Step 1: Receive survey trigger code
  2. Step 2: Save files to the Web Server
  3. Step 3: Add script tag to site
  4. Step 4: Testing Behavior and Presentation