Implementation Steps - Step 4: Testing Behavior and Presentation

Recommended Testing:

  • Ensure the client can receive an invitation and get a survey.
  • Ensure that the survey invitation does not present in areas of the site that have been deemed excluded.
  • Ensure no errors or conflicts are occurring on the site.
  • Ensure that the survey invitation, tracker (used for desktop onExit), and any other assets specific to the implementation look and load correctly (CSS loaded).
  • Ensure the client is able to get redirected to a ForeSee hosted survey questionnaire.

The basic steps to test:

  1. The tester must clear cookies and cache (in some browses, such as IE, clearing cookies can be difficult. Be sure “preserve favorites” is not checked when clearing cookies, the testing site is likely a “favorite”).
  2. Within the browser, the tester must navigate to the hosted fsrtest.html test page, taking note of the Loyalty Factor (required page views) and sampling percentage. See the next section for more details on the fsrtest.html page.
  3. The tester must load a page that contains the ForeSee code. When navigating to a page equal to the number specified as the client’s Loyalty Factor (assuming 100% sampling) the expected behavior is an invitation displays (as long as the page is not on the exclude list). If 100% sampling is not in use, the invite may be received on any page once the Loyalty Factor requirement has been met.
  4. Depending on the survey requirements, once accepting the survey invitation the questionnaire may either present immediately (InSession) OR when the user leaves the site (onExit). When configured for onExit of site, once invited, the survey questionnaire can be triggered by (1) closing the parent browser, (2) navigating to a different domain in the parent browser, or, (3) navigating to a different subdomain or protocol that does not contain the foresee code.

Some websites may have custom scenarios or logic set up beyond these steps. In this case, it may be useful to discuss the business requirements ahead of time to have a better idea of how to test.

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