Legacy Trigger Code (<18x) - Testing & Troubleshooting

The survey and SessionReplay code is shipped pre-configured for the business rules related to the client’s production environment. This means that in order to receive a survey invitation it is possible that a very low sampling percentage or pooling number decreases the chance of the user receiving an invitation. This may make testing difficult. Therefore, in order to receive the invitation/survey while testing, a Survey Configuration Testing page (Figure 1) is included with the code package which allows the invitation to display at a frequency of choice and for the testing session only. There is an option to override the Pooling percentage (if less than 100%), which is necessary for the session to be recorded and the survey invitation to appear. See more about Pooling below.


Using this test page does not change the sampling percentage in the JavaScript code and therefore doesn’t affect site users. Please keep in mind that when cookies and cache are cleared between each test, it may be necessary to navigate back to this test page and reset the increased sampling parameters.

If the code has been implemented using the default directory structure, this page is located at http://www.[clientsite].com/foresee/fsrtest.html. If the files have been moved to a different location, adjust the path to the test page accordingly. Instructions for use are provided directly on the page. This page must be loaded to the same location as the other ForeSee files to function properly when pulling in the required JavaScript files.

Survey Config Testing
Figure 1

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