Testing & Troubleshooting - Verify Replay is Working

To test SessionReplay follow the same steps as mentioned earlier. However, there are a few additional points to consider when testing:

  • If the testing environment is NOT available to the public, the SessionReplay code still runs. However, replay movies are not created because the process is unable to go back to the site and collect the assets of the page, such as images and style sheets. This causes the movie processing to be incomplete.
  • Get a survey invitation to appear with Replay¬†(using Pooling). When testing Replay-enabled code, navigate to the fsrtest.html test page prior to allowing the fsr.s cookie to be set by hitting a page containing code. Select Override Pooling when entering 100 in the sampling percentage box to set a cookie which overwrites the sampling for the test. Otherwise, it may be very difficult to get a survey.

    Pooling is a concept introduced with SessionReplay. This concept is similar to the sampling percentage where a random number is generated to determine who should receive an invitation. However, with pooling replay eligibility is determined on the first page. If a user is not selected on the first page they do not receive an invitation. If they are selected on the first page they are then eligible to receive the invitation if they fall within the loyalty and sampling parameters.

  • After accepting the invitation: Navigate around the site and collect some events by clicking on a few pages and objects.

    Check the capturing of SessionReplay data by opening a JavaScript console, typing in window.name and clicking Enter. The data returned starts with FSR_ followed by other data collected.

  • Watch the replays in the ForeSee Portal on the following day. If SessionReplay seems to be recording and transmitting correctly then replays should begin showing up in the portal the day after a survey submission.

    If testing was done in an internal environment with no public access, ForeSee servers are unable to retrieve the client’s site images, scripts, and style sheets. This results in a strange, broken-looking replay movie (which is expected in this case). Everything looks correct once deployed to the public environment.

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