Replay - Limitations

While most subclasses of UIView can be recorded, there are some exceptions. This is a list of all known UIView subclasses that are not recorded:

  • MKMapView
  • SKStoreProductViewController
  • MPMovieView

    Movie playback in general is not captured. Movies appear as blank areas in a replay.

  • UIImagePickerController

Pauses in Capture

Certain situations prevent some or all of the views on the screen from being captured for a short period of time due to limitations in the operating system:

  • UIWebViews are not captured during scrolling, zooming or during the initial stages of loading.
  • Custom animations in iOS 6 and earlier are not shown in replays. Views are captured as if they immediately completed their animations.
  • Some native views, e.g., UITableView and UIPicker, prevent any captures from taking place during animations. Captures resume once the animation has ended.
  • Touches prevent any captures taking place. Captures resume once the touch has ended.

Storage Caps

All session data (screen captures, as well as meta-data) are stored on the device until transmission occurs. The SDK imposes limits to the amount of space this data may occupy. The SDK begins purging sessions when the session data exceeds 80Mb. Sessions are purged based on age. Middle-aged sessions are purged first and the oldest and newest are preferentially saved. The first session is never purged.

Transmission Caps

When transmitting sessions, if the user is on a mobile data network, the amount of data that can be transmitted is capped at 20Mb. If the transmission cap is reached, transmission can still continue, but will only occur when the user connects via WiFi. On WiFi, the SDK does not enforce any caps on transmission.

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