Replay - Replay Overview

The ForeSee Replay product is included in ForeSee.framework and allows the client to capture a user’s interaction with an application. Replay records the application’s view as well as all of the user’s touches and gestures. However, only users who submit a survey will have their sessions transmitted to ForeSee servers once they leave the application. A final replay is produced for inspection.

Screen Recording

Replay records the application’s screen in a background thread and has no perceptible impact on the app’s performance. It uses only public API in the iOS SDK and adheres to the Apple App Store Guidelines.

Gesture Recording

Replay passively records the user’s gestures and will not interfere with the delivery of those events to the rest of the client’s app.


The ForeSee Replay for Mobile SDK provides methods to enable the client to mark views as requiring masking. All masked views appear as black boxes in recordings.

By default, any user input fields are masked. All masked inputs also mask the keyboard automatically.

Integration with Trigger

Replay works together with the Trigger module and cannot be instrumented in the client’s app without it.

All user interactions are recorded, but it is only those who submit a survey who have their sessions transmitted to ForeSee servers. Users who decline to participate have their recorded sessions deleted and they are not available to watch.

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