Trigger - Multiple Measures

Clients may define multiple measures in their foresee_configuration.json file, each with different triggering criteria. When the client makes a call to [ForeSee checkIfEligibleForSurvey], each measure is checked in turn.

If the user is eligible for more than one measure defined in the client’s JSON file, the user is only invited to the first one defined in the measures collection. Example: The JSON file is defined like so:

    "clientId": "cid",
    "measures": [
            "surveyId": "sid1",
            "launchCount": 3
            "surveyId": "sid2",
            "launchCount": 3

If the user is eligible to be invited to both (which is the case since the two measures have the exact same triggering criteria), the user is only invited to the first measure, “sid1”.

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