Trigger - SDK Events


The ForeSee SDK posts the following notifications to the default NSNotificationCenter:

  • FSInviteDidShowNotification (Posted when the default invitation was displayed.)
  • FSInviteWasDeclinedNotification (Posted when the default invitation was declined.)
  • FSInviteWasAcceptedNotification (Posted when the default invitation was accepted.)
  • FSSurveyWasCompletedNotification (Posted when the survey was completed.)
  • FSSurveyWasAbandonedNotification (Posted when the survey was abandoned.)
  • FSSurveyDidShowNotification (Posted when the survey was presented.)


Clients may register an object conforming to the FSInviteDelegate protocol to receive additional SDK lifecycle events. Delegates should be registered using the following method:

[ForeSee setInviteDelegate:myCustomInviteDelegate];

This delegate can be used with or without a custom invite.

The SDK’s public protocols are fully documented on Cocoadocs.

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