Shopper Ratings - Assigning Moderators

Staffing Requirements

  • Project Owner
  • Project Manager
  • Retailer/Brand CSR

Choosing a CSR

If your organization would like to review user submitted questions or answers prior to them being published, we require that you assign a CSR (Customer Service Representative) on the Customers Team. The Q&A moderation process is a daily task which can take 15 minutes a day, or 1 hour a day depending upon the volume of question.

Answering Questions
In addition to moderation your organization must also assign a CSR (Customer Service Representative) to answer questions submitted by customers. This can be the same or a different person as the one assigned to moderation. Multiple CSRs can be set up to answer questions within the Shopper Answers system.

Notifications & Contacts

During the setup of a CSR, we require the following:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Title

Once defined, we will send an email to the individuals to create an account within Content Publisher. Once completed, they are able to manage Q&A immediately.

Additional Users

If additional users would like access to Content Publisher, please send an email with this list (using the above criteria) to your Answers Project Manager.

Action Items

  • Ensure all Brand/Retailer CSR’s on the Customer account have read and understood the Submission Guidelines
  • Send the list of users who will moderate reviews
  • Send the Answers Project Manager the email address for sending notifications

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