Shopper Ratings - Exporting Data


Shopper Ratings provides static URL’s to data dynamic feeds which house ratings and reviews information. These feeds can be used to measure review performance, identity new customer insights and if tied to your internal CRM system, build a clearer picture about your customers.

Shopper Ratings provides 10 different feed types. Each feed is updated once every (24) hours. If you plan on using this feed heavily for any mission-critical data application which require SLA’s, please contact your Shopper Ratings Project Manager to obtain your requirements.

Product-Level Feeds
JSON[MERCHANT ID]/products.json?key=[APIKEY]
CSV[MERCHANT ID]/reviews.csv?key=[APIKEY]

Raw Review Feeds

JSON[MERCHANT ID]/reviews.json?key=[APIKEY]
CSV[MERCHANT ID]/reviews.csv?key=[APIKEY]

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