Shopper Ratings - Final Deployment

Final Deployment Checklist

Installing Shopper Ratings is a multi-step process which requires the work of several teams working in concert to ensure a smooth delivery. Prior to final deployment the following items need to be checked before your implementation is put into production:

  • Product Detail Page
    • Product Detail Page Ratings Snippet
      • Do the stars render correctly?
      • When clicking “Read all [N] reviews”, does this interaction automatically scroll the user down correctly?
      • When clicking on “Write a Review”, are you transferred to the correct page with the form?
      • (if applicable) Do your legacy reviews render correctly on the page?
      • Are you getting javascript errors?
    • Category Stars
      • Do the stars render correctly?
      • Does the score reflect the overall rating of the product?
      • Does this snippet render correctly on your search and category pages?
    • Product Detail Page Review Area
      • Are your test and legacy reviews rendering correctly?
    • ACS SEO Service
      • When checking the source code of the product detail page, do you see the actual review content?
      • Are the reviews visible to Google using the Rich Snippet Testing Tool?
      • Have you set the timeout thresholds correctly to ensure your page still loads in the event the service goes down?
  • Standalone Write a Review Page
    • Does the link “< Return to product detail page” take you back to the proper URL?
    • Does the photo and name of the product render correctly?
    • If a user attempts to submit an empty review form, are the correct validation errors rendered?
    • Can you submit a review without an issue?
  • Thank You Page
    • Do you receive an email after loading your test page (Note: email_send_days must be set to “0” for testing purposes).

Congratulations! Your implementation of Shopper Ratings is almost complete. Once all of these items have been checked and cleared, please contact the Shopper Ratings Project Manager to schedule a time to activate your implementation.

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