Shopper Ratings - Overview

Purpose of this Guide

This guide contains instructions on the installation of Shopper Answers on e-commerce and non e-commerce platforms. The goal of this document is to provide a better understanding of the Shopper Answers setup process, timing, installation process, and the managing of shopper Q&A.

Target Audience

This guide is intended for Shopper Answers clients for integration with their existing, or developing, web sites.

Shopper Answers User Interface Modules

The consumer facing user interface (UI) of Shopper Answers is derived of four basic modules:

1. Q&A Snippet Module

This module provides a high level overview about how many question and answers are available for this product.


2. Main Q&A Module

This module lets consumers read questions and answers left by other consumers and submit new questions.


3. Question Form

Shopper Answers offers a overlay page for a consumer to submit questions.


4. Email Confirmations

Answers Cloud Services emails are powered by Dyn which ensures delivery of email communication, including internal moderation alerts and customer emails. Outgoing emails are customized with your logo, signature and a primary color.


Staffing Requirements

his guide contains specific tasks for both Customer and Answers staff members. Each section contains a list of designated staff members for the tasks within the section, and may also be referenced in the context of a given task. These staff member roles are defined as follows:

Customer Team

  • Project Owner
    • Owns the project and knows the business goals your company wants to achieve with Answers.
  • Project Manager
    • Keeps the implementation project on track and manages the needed resources for this purpose.
  • Site Developer
    • Works with your company’s web infrastructure.
    • Responsible for placing the required JavaScripts on your website and cross browser testing. This person might be the Server Side Developer.
  • UI/UX Designer
    • Knows your company’s brand and design principles, and can provide guidance on final sign-off on graphics and design changes.
  • Retailer/Brand CSR (Customer Service Representative)
    • Manages all incoming questions within the 48 hour timeframe and approves or rejects submitted questions.

Answers Team

  • Project Manager
    • Responsible from beginning to end to ensure a smooth installation and manages all training sessions with your company.
    • Responsible for all inquiries your company has in regards to Shopper Answers.
  • Installation Manager
    • Manages all the technical elements needed for installing Shopper Answers.
    • Checks your sites (across browsers) after all code changes.
  • Web Designer
    • Works with your company’s Web Design to obtain the needed assets for mock ups of all customer facing Shopper Answers Designs.
  • Latency Engineering Team
    • Responsible for 24/7 monitoring of performance across your company’s site post-launch.
  • Q&A Moderation Manager (Optional)
    • Manages the Question Moderation Team who moderates all content in accordance to your company’s moderation rules.

Action Item

  • Send the Answers Project Managers a list and contact information of the staff managing the above list of items.

Technical Overview


Our JavaScripts

Shopper Answers script is served over http and https. The domain is

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