Shopper Ratings - Ratings Moderation

How it works

The Webcollage Moderation Team company has up to 3-5 day window to moderate (approve, reject) a review. We have provided this window to allow  you to engage your customer/respondent if they had any questions before posting  the review on your site.

Approving a Review (Approve/Agree)

Once a review has been approved by a member of the Webcollage Moderation Team (per the Terms of Use and Submission Guidelines), the review is sent to Customer Team.

It is the Webcollage Moderation Team’s job to ensure reviews that don’t meet the “review guidelines” do not get approved. For example, if a review clearly lists names of other retailers or appears to be a fraudulent review, the Webcollage Moderation Team will catch it and reject it.

Rejecting a Review

If a review was rejected by the Webcollage Moderation Team, the customer will receive a copy of their review and a reason why their review was rejected in the official email.

Moderation Workflow


Terms & Guidelines

Staffing Requirements

  • Project Owner
  • Project Manager
  • Retailer/Brand CSR

Customer Opt-In

Shopper Ratings employs an industry-standard opt-in checkbox to ensure customers read and agree to the Shopper Ratings Terms of Service and Review Guidelines.


When the user clicks on these links, a pop-up window emerges so as not to interfere with their review.

Terms and  Conditions

Read full document here.

Review  Guidelines

To simplify the moderation process, we use the  Shopper Ratings Review Guidelines as both a customer-facing document and as a backend moderation guide. Since both of these are unified, approving and rejecting a review is 100% transparent.

Read example document here.

Assigning Moderators

Staffing Requirements

  • Project Owner
  • Project Manager
  • Retailer/Brand CSR

Choosing a CSR

If your organization needs to review content prior to it being published, we require that you assign a CSR (Customer Service Representative) on the Customers Team. A CSR will have up to 72 hours to review the content prior to it going live/get rejected. The review moderation process is a daily task which can take 15 minutes a day, or 2 hours a day depending upon the volume of reviews. When selecting a CSR from your Team, please keep these commitments in mind.

Notifications & Contacts

During the setup of a moderator, we require the following:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Title

Once defined, we will send an email to the individual to create an account within Content Publisher. Once completed, they are able manage reviews immediately.

Additional Users

If additional users would like access to Content Publisher, please send an email with this list (using the above criteria) to your Project Manager.

NOTE: If multiple team members need to receive inbound alerts for new reviews, you may  consider creating an alias that can send copies of each new review notification.

Action Items

  • Ensure all Brand/Retailer CSR’s on the Customer account have read and understood the Submission Guidelines
  • Send the list of users who will moderate reviews
  • Send the Project Manager the email address for  sending notifications

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