Shopper Ratings - Shopper Ratings Setup

The setup process begins with the design phase to match the appearance of Shopper Ratings to your site. Experience Indicators are determined during this process as well. Any existing reviews can be migrated into Shopper Ratings for an accurate consumer rating.

Shopper Ratings Design

Staffing Requirements

  • Project Owner
  • Project Manager
  • Web Designer

Shopper Ratings Layout

Shopper Ratings utilizes a user-friendly layout that can be customized to match your site’s current theme. The Shopper Ratings Team will manage all CSS (staged and production) on our servers. This allows you to focus needed development resources on other projects.

Prior to deploying the final code to the client web site, we will provide up to three(3) design iterations. Once signed off by the Project Owner, Webcollage will create mockups based upon the web site theme. The mockup process generally takes 24 hours per iteration under normal circumstances.

All module styling must be signed off by the Project Owner prior to proceeding with final CSS styling.

Our template is made up of four parts that require input from stakeholders listed above:

Reviews Widget

The Reviews Widget is the component on the page that renders the overall score, total number of reviews and a link allowing users to write a review. For best results, it is recommended to have this module rendered above-the-fold so users can easily find it.


Reviews Widget Styling Requirements

Using basic CSS techniques, we have the capability to customize the look and feel, and position of this module to your liking. Prior to testing, we will need to confer with your web designer to ensure Shopper Ratings matches your web site’s theme.

Reviews Dashboard

The Reviews Dashboard renders a high-level ratings overview. This module is made up of four distinctive parts consisting of:

  • Overall Ratings
  • Recommendation Score
  • Category Rank (Feed-Based Implementation Only)
  • Experience Overview
  • Filters/Sorts



Overall Ratings required This value lists that average overall score of all reviews for a specific product.
Recommendation Score optional This lists the percentage and count of reviewers who would recommend a specific product to a friend.
Category Rank optional This module identifies how the current product ranks in relation to others in the same category.
Ratings Overview optional These values list that average score of each attribute of all reviews for a specific product.
Filter By required This selectbox allows consumers to filter reviews by attribute. For example, if a consumer is only interested in the attribute “Durability”, this feature allows the consumer to drill down on that single product attribute.
Sort By required This selectbox allows consumers to sort reviews by Most Helpful, Date, Highest Overall Rating and Lowest Overall Rating.

Review Module (collapsed)


Review Module (expanded)


Review Form


Action Items

  • Provide guidance on font colors and styles to be used on Shopper Ratings System
  • Be available to comment and approve designs from The Webcollage Design Team

Ingesting Legacy Reviews

Staffing Requirements

  • Project Owner
  • Project Manager
  • Server Side Developer

Re-Purposing Old Reviews

This phase is important for sites that already possess content to be rendered within Shopper Ratings. Webcollage provides you with a one-time inclusion of legacy content prior to deploying Shopper Ratings on your site.

If you would like to have your legacy content added to your Shopper Ratings Implementation, please send your data to the Shopper Ratings Project Managers using the Shopper Ratings Template:


  • Product Name (e.g., Multi Purpose TV Stand)
  • Product ID (this must be the same ID that is passed on your web site using our JavaScript, e.g., 1231414)
  • MPN (e.g., 23784724) (optional)
  • SKU (e.g., 01234-001-F10-6) (optional)
  • Brand (e.g., Whalen Furniture)
  • Review Date (e.g., 1/4/2014)
  • Nickname (e.g., Ronny)
  • Location (e.g., Milwaukee, WI)
  • Title (e.g., Picture is Great!)
  • Review Body (e.g., This is a very nice looking stand. It holds my 12″H bookshe….)
  • Overall Rating Score (1-5)
  • Product Attribute Scores (if applicable)
    • (Optional) Attribute Score Name 1 (e.g., Value)
    • (Optional) Attribute Score 1 [1-5]
    • (Optional) Attribute Comment
    • (Optional) Attribute Score Name 2 (e.g., Quality)
    • (Optional) Attribute Score 2 [1-5]
    • (Optional) Attribute Comment
    • (Optional) Attribute Score Name 3 (e.g., Durability)
    • (Optional) Attribute Score 3 [1-5]
    • (Optional) Attribute Comment
    • (Optional) Attribute Score Name 4 (e.g., Ease of Setup)
    • (Optional) Attribute Score 4 [1-5]
    • (Optional) Attribute Comment
    • (Optional) Attribute Score Name 5 (e.g., Mobility)
    • (Optional) Attribute Score 5 [1-5]
    • (Optional) Attribute Comment
  • User Age Range [18-24;25-44,45-64;65+]
  • User Gender [M/F]
  • Recommend to a friend [Yes/No]

NOTE: Since legacy content has not been authenticated by the Shopper Ratings System they will not have a “Verified” badge.

Action Items

  • Provide a XLS spreadsheet of all legacy content
  • If you are unsure on how to piece your data together, your Project Manager can manipulate the raw data to the correct format.

Setting Up Experience Indicators

Staffing Requirements

  • Project Owner
  • Project Manager


Experience Indicators

Experience Indicators are attributes that describe a product (e.g., “Durability” when describing an office chair, “Fragrance/Aroma” when describing coffee) with a rating of 1-5. Shopper Ratings not only allows your customers to rate a specific product attribute, but they can also comment on each attribute to provide better insights.

How Are Experience Indicators Assigned?

Shopper Ratings assigns indicators to products based on your site’s taxonomy. For example, if you assign the attributes “Durability, Material, and Design Aesthetic” to the category “Home > Home & Office Furniture > Leather Office Chairs”, every product in “Leather Office Chairs” obtains the same survey.

NOTE: This breadcrumb MUST match with the breadcrumb that is passed to the Webcollage Script. If you also have a single product that is shown in several categories, please ensure you pass us the most relevant single category.

After we’ve obtained your site taxonomy, Webcollage will map attributes to each category, Our Customer Support Team will take approximately three to four days mapping your taxonomy to our Master Taxonomy.

Action Items for Webcollage Managed Attributes

  • Provide a CSV file of your site’s taxonomy
    • e.g., Cables and Power > Video Cables

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