ForeSee Site Feedback

Site Feedback is “Reactive Sampling”. A link is put on the client’s site for “Feedback” which is continuously accessible to customers who want to “raise their hand” during their experience on the site.

Site Feedback

How is it implemented?

Using no web survey code or code delivered prior to November 2009.

The client is sent a Fulfillment link to implement on a clickable event (link for “Feedback”).

<a id="feedback" href="javascript:void(';>

Using “smart” trigger code 3.0 or higher

The client creates a feedback link on their site and calls the following function: ForeSee.popFeedback(). IS setup: Creates survey lookup entry with sid = “feedback”. All standard CPP’s are included.

Using “smart” trigger code 4.0 or higher

Client creates a feedback link on their site and calls the following function: FSR.popFeedback(). IS setup: Creates survey lookup entry with sid = “feedback”. All standard CPP’s are included.


Q: Can a client get this product without a random intercept survey?

A: No. Site Feedback cannot be sold as a stand alone feature. See What page is the user talking about? below.

Q: What is the difference between CS SiteFeedback and CS CitizenFeedback?

A: CS CitizenFeedback is only available to Federal Government clients. CS CitizenFeedback survey questions are fixed (they cannot be changed without a customization expense).

Q: Is this considered “page-level”?

A: No. In order to measure satisfaction consistently, ForeSee needs a comment benchmark (website satisfaction). A user may be pleased with a website, but encountered an issue with a single page. The goal is to understand the context of the user’s experience satisfaction along with an open end question that may point to specifics about a page and section. For example: a user may have an issue with page 4 but then wait until page 7 to provide an open ended comment. Is the displeasure really with page 7, or with the overall experience?

Q: What page is the user talking about?

A: When a client deploys the survey with ForeSee’s existing trigger code, the page URL is captured as a CPP. This does not work when deployed as a link. The survey must deploy with the code.

Q: How many custom questions are recommended?

A: Clients can have up to seven custom questions (including open-ended questions). ForeSee recommends at least one open-ended question, plus a question qualifying the type of comment (is the comment a request, positive, negative, etc.), as well as the type of the user (if appropriate, is the user a return customer, just browsing, gender, age, etc.).

Q: How does Site Feedback interact with other surveys deployed?

A: Site Feedback can exist with other surveys. ForeSee does not see a business reason to limit this, but can if requested. The Feedback link behaves similarly to any other link on the page: when clicked, a survey displays. There are no cookies dropped to indicate that a survey has been displayed, therefore the user is still be eligible for the random survey on the site.

Q: Can Site Feedback be deployed from the client’s global footer?

A: Yes. ForeSee is careful to capture meta data (especially the URL of the page where it deploys). It is necessary to have ForeSee’s code on the site that has the link. The survey code can be anywhere on the page and the link can be anywhere on the page.

Q: What specific wording should be precluded from using on the survey? For example, a question like, “What difficulties did you encounter on this page of the site?”

A: Do not use the word “page”. “What difficulties did you encounter with this site?” is a broader question that is more appropriate to a large percentage of users.

Q: How does Site Feedback data appear in the Portal/Comment Cluster/Ad Hoc Tool?

A: It’s the same as any other measure.

Q: What deliverables are expected on a Site Feedback measure?

A: Portal, plus open-ended reports as specified by the client (up to hourly).

Q: How do we incorporate Site Feedback data into a regular measure’s SIR, e.g., a Browse measure?

A: Open-ended questions can provide additional data points. The data could be used to address tactical issues, such as broken links.

Q: What Model Questions should be included in a Site Feedback measure and how much flexibility is available with required Model Questions vs. optional ones?

A: Typically, only the satisfaction questions are included in this type of measure. Scaled questions, such CS CitizenFeedback, may be asked as well. However, ForeSEe only produces latents for satisfaction.

Q: Is the questionnaire template/data load process for Site Feedback the same as for other measures?

A: Yes.

Q: Since ForeSee doesn’t deliver “code” to the client, what ForeSee deliver that counts as code delivery?

A: Actually, ForeSee does deliver code to the client. If the client doesn’t have the latest “smart” code, then ForeSee can deliver a link similar to the fulfillment link.

Q: Does it need to be a twelve month contractual obligation?

A: ForeSee is currently only offer an annual contract. However, if there is a business need for less than twelve months, please discuss this request with a Customer Experience Analyst.

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