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Cordova Plugin

Verint offers a Cordova Plugin addition to the native Verint XM iOS and Android SDKs. All Cordova-based frameworks are supported, including Ionic and Phonegap. For a full list, see the Cordova Apache page. For CX Measurement product, the Cordova Plugin supports the same functionality as the iOS and Android SDKs.

The Cordova plugin is an additional installation to the iOS and Android SDKs. The current Cordova v1.2.0 plugin corresponds to Verint XM Android SDK version 5.3.3 and iOS SDK version 5.3.4. Please visit the Cordova Github page to obtain the plugin. Cordova 8.0+ is required to use this plugin.

See Getting Started to begin. Within the plugin you can find example code, as well as the complete API documentation. For a direct link to the API documentation, go to: Cordova API Docs.

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Cordova Plugin

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