Which deployment options are available for DBA?

Currently, DBA is only offered as a SaaS/Cloud Service within the US AWS region. The tracking script can be hosted on-prem or in our secure Cloud Service.

Is it possible to integrate DBA via a Tag Manager?

The DBA WebSDK is currently a part of the Verint XM Web SDK. The Web SDK can be deployed by various tag managers. See Using Tag Managers to Add the Embed Snippet for further information.


How can DBA be integrated with Web Analytics Software (like Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics) or A/B or MV Testing solutions?

Every variable that is available during the runtime of the web page in JavaScript can be set as a DBA segment (=CPP). This can be used for existing page names or to set CPPs for a Web Analytics solution also in DBA.

A/B and MV Testing solutions normally have an id of the played-out variant in a JavaScript variable during runtime. This can be set as a DBA segment (=CPP).


How long does it take before the survey/feedback recordings show up in Predictive Experience?

After a no activity timeout of 30 minutes DBA will start processing the video. Depending on the backlog it will take another 30-60 minutes until the video is processed and ready. Surveys take 24h to show up in Predictive Experience and by then a video should always be available. Feedbacks are processed faster and occasionally the video is not yet ready when they show up in Predictive Experience. This results in a "the replay could not be processed“ error.

Is possible to record only sessions connected to specific surveys/feedbacks?

No, currently it is only possible to limit the pages and devices that are recorded.

Can DBA record sites using multiple domains?

Yes, recording on different domains is possible, but note that:

  • The Web SDK has to be implemented on all sites which need to be recorded.
  • Switching between domains during one visit creates a separate recording for each domain (and not one connected session). See below for a workaround.
  • If local buffering is used, only pages on the domain where the feedback button was pressed/survey was answered will be recorded. This limitation does not only affect different domains, but also subdomains under the same domain. (i.e. member.xyz.com and www.xyz.com)


What kind of encryption is used by DBA?

Note that DBA does not collect any PI if used with full masking.

On the transport layer, DBA is using SSL/SHA256RSA encryption.

What data is collected by DBA?

  • Shortened IP-address
  • UserAgent
  • Interaction data (Mousemovements, Clicks, Scrolls)
  • HTML-Data delivered from the server to the user (normally masked)