Survey Invitation

You have a number of options for presenting site visitors to provide feedback on their experience. The articles in this section describe these options for Desktop and Mobile experiences in detail.

Invitation Overview

A respondent is randomly selected based on number of pages they have visited (known as Loyalty Factor) and the Survey Sampling Percentage. These variables are set by the ForeSee Support Team and can be adjusted upon request. Once selected, the visitor is presented with an invitation to take the survey. If the visitor accepts, they are presented with the survey. See Desktop Trigger Options and Mobile Trigger Options for details.

The random selection to be invited is based on:

  • Loyalty Factor: Minimum number of pages visited before a visitor is eligible to be invited for a survey.
  • Sampling Percentage: The chance of a visitor being invited to participate in a survey on each page once the Loyalty Factor is met. Example: Assume a Sampling Percentage is 30% and Loyalty Factor of two pages. A visitor has a 30% chance to be invited when they navigate to a second page. If they don't get invited on the that page, they have a 30% chance of being invited on the third page, etc.
  • Pooling (rarely used): In some cases, such as sites with high traffic volume, a pooling percentage is applied to reduce the number of visitors eligible to be surveyed. With pooling, a visitor is determined to be "in the pool" or "out of the pool" based on the pooling percentage on the first page of their visit. Only visitors "in the pool" can be invited for a survey once they meet the Loyalty Factor/Sampling Percentage criteria.

Exit Intent Invitation Mode

In addition to the invitation parameters mentioned above, ForeSee offers an Exit Intent mode for desktop surveys. In the Exit Intent mode, the survey invitation is loaded when it appears that a site visitor is about to move away from your site. This is a great way to collect survey responses without disturbing a visitor's experience with your site!

With the right code implementation, ForeSee can detect the exit condition based on a visitor moving their mouse towards the top of the browser (where they would likely navigate to another URL or close the browser window).
The Exit Intent mode has the same configuration options as above (Loyalty Factor, Sampling, etc.), plus a few additional settings:

  • Minimum time on site: The amount of time a visitor must spend visiting the overall site before being eligible.
  • Minimum time on page: The amount of time a visitor must spend visiting a single page before being eligible.
  • Last tab mode: This suppresses the invitation if additional tabs of the same site are open (supported for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari browsers only).

Setting up the Look of an Invitation

You also have a number of visual options with the invitation for the desktop or mobile devices. See: Guide to Personalizing the Survey Invite for details and examples of these options.
There is also an option to create your own invitation.


##Survey Invitation Criteria
The SDK code can be configured to include or exclude survey invitations based on various factors. Here are some examples of configurations that can be set up:

  • URL pattern - Do not show the survey invitation if the URL currently contains '/checkout/', or if the visitor went to the '/careers/' page.
  • Variable - Do not show the invitation if the page contains a variable called 'internalIP' with a value of ''.
  • Cookie - Show the invitation if there is a cookie called 'loggedIn' with a value of 'Yes'.
  • userAgent - Do not show the invitation when the userAgent contains 'selenium'.
  • Browser - Do not show the invitation on IE 10 browsers.
  • Referring URL - Show the invitation if the site visitor comes from ''.

Configuring Re-invite Behavior

You can re-invite a user to the survey if they 'decline' the invitation, 'abandon' the invitation, or if they accept and don't complete the survey. By default, the re-invite will occur in 90 days, but you can set any number of days for each of these three conditions up to a maximum of 90 days.

  • Accept - The invitation can be accepted by clicking "Yes, I'll give feedback" on a desktop device, or by tapping "Text Me" or "Email Me" on a mobile device.
  • Decline - The invitation can be declined by clicking "No, thanks" on a desktop (see the red box in the image below). Note: There is no decline action for a mobile invitation.
  • Abandon - The invitation can be abandoned on a desktop device by clicking the "x" in the top right corner of the survey invitation, or by clicking out of the survey invitation window. On a mobile device, the survey can be abandoned by clicking the "x" in the top right corner of the invitation (see the orange boxes in the images below).
    • Note: The Green Box shown on the mobile invitation is not counted as an accept, decline, or abandon. The mobile invitation may re-appear on additional pages if the sampling criteria are met.