Verint XM iOS SDK


Verint XM Developer Portal content is now hosted on Verint Connect. The website will not be available after January 2023. To view the latest iOS SDK content, click here.

This guide explains the functionality provided by the Verint XM iOS Software Development Kit (SDK) and shares information on the concepts this SDK leverages.

This guide deals with the implementation of version 6.0.9 of the SDK. If you have a previous version of the SDK, then follow these instructions to download and install the latest version.



Verint XM iOS SDK v6.0.0 contains a number of breaking changes. See: Migrating to 6.0.0 from Previous Versions. Consult the latest API docs for details.


Older iOS SDK Versions

Verint recommends using iOS SDK versions 5.0.0 and above. Earlier versions of the SDK reference private APIs, which may result in App Store rejection.