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OData Connector

Use the OData Connector to access your CX Measure Data and gather insights!

Why use the OData Connector?

The OData Connector uses the API to connect directly to your ForeSee survey respondent data using tools such as Excel or Power BI. This allows you to easily access and analyze your data on a daily basis without the need to receive an extract report and copy/paste the data into Excel. The data may be configured to refresh itself on an interval of your choice in order to stay on top of what is happening with your digital measures.

General Information about ForeSee OData connector.

  1. Each OData query supports up to 1 year of data. For data beyond a year, users need to make multiple queries and merge them.
  2. OData connector works only for CX Measure survey data and doesn't support Feedback survey data today.
  3. Average wait times for each query depend on the amount of data extracted and also the system requirements of the PC that is running Excel. On average, expect 2-3 minutes to query 100,000+ rows of data.

Obtaining Credentials

In order to gain access to your ForeSee survey respondent data, you must have valid credentials.
Given the appropriate permissions, you may create your own token (password) in the CX Suite.

Once you have been given the appropriate permissions, log into the CX Suite, click on your profile in the bottom-left corner and select 'Profile'. Once on the Profile screen, scroll down to the OData Credentials section.

Click 'Create Credential'.

Now available in CX Suite!

Now available in CX Suite!

Select the desired Access Period and click the Save button at the bottom right of the screen.

How long before the token expires?

How long before the token expires?

Your Username and Password will be reflected along with the expiration date.