Overlay Survey Template

Overlay survey rendering template skips the invitation process and directly presents an unobtrusive, in-session and in-page survey to the site visitors (who match the respondent selection criteria).
Currently this template can be used for Engagement Surveys only. The conversational, short approach of Engagement Surveys enables quick responses from the visitors.


  • Color scheme and logo can be aligned with customer’s branding
    • Logo position: Top-centered
    • Logo image size: auto-sized at 74 by 74 pixels
  • Overlay dimensions and position:
    • Width: Fixed, at 480 pixels
    • Height: Auto-sized
    • Positioned in any of the four corners of screen (configured as a survey trigger option)
  • Text character recommendation:
    • Header text: Optional welcome text (recommended up to 200 characters)
    • Question text: Up to 1024 characters
    • Answer choices:
      • Model questions answers: Up to 100 characters
      • Custom question answers: Up to 512 characters


  • Submit
  • On-exit: This button can be used if the survey has been configured to use an On-exit follow-up survey. When a respondent is about to leave a page, they are asked if they would like to take a follow-up survey: “Can we send you a brief survey so we can improve your experience on this website?”. If the respondents accept, they are asked if they would like to receive the survey through a text message or by email. Based on what the respondents choose, a link to the follow-up survey (Measurement Survey) is sent to them either by a text message (SMS) or by email.

Question and response types supported:

  • Rating scale question: Allows the respondent to select only one answer from a horizontally displayed rating scale (for example, 1-10, 0-10, 1-5). Typically displayed from low (on the left) to high (on the right).
  • Single-select questions: Allows respondents to select only one answer from up to 8 answer choice options. Displayed in a single or double column format depending upon the number of answer choices.
  • Open-ended questions: Allows respondents to answer in text format.

Overlay surveys can be presented in the following ways:

  • Single page: Each question is shown in a single page within the overlay format.
  • Multi-page: Up to 3 questions on the first page: Visitors use pagination to proceed to the next question.
  • One question per page after the first page: Visitors use pagination to proceed to the next question.



To keep the interaction quick, we recommend the following:
• Number of questions: no more than 12 questions
• Number of pages: no more than 10 pages

  • Follow-Up Survey page: This option allows a follow-up survey to be sent to the respondent by email or SMS.

Devices Supported

Surveys rendered in Overlay template can be deployed on Desktops only.

Sample Overlay template: Single page


Sample Overlay template Overlay: Multi-page (3 questions per page)

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Sample Overlay template: Multi-page (1 question per page)

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