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Public API (Deprecated)

Please note that this version of the ForeSee API is deprecated. Please refer to this page for the current API version.


The Public API requires the following:

  • An understanding of how APIs work. There are a number of resources available, including Wikipedia and Youtube.
  • Active subscription to Executive Portal. Contact Support for instructions on subscriptions.
  • User access to Analytics Portal:
    • A dedicated Portal Access Account must be created specifically for use with this API.
    • A Consumer Key and Consumer Secret is provided, along with the Portal Access Username.
    • If you do not have a Consumer Key, Consumer Secret, or Username, contact your cxAnalyst.
    • A ClientID is also provided to access your data.

      Important: You need to include these items in some of your API calls. It is recommended that you keep them readily accessible.

  • OAuth 1.0a - See OAuth Protocol for general information, endpoints, and a comprehensive description of the ForeSee's OAuth process.