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Reducing Cookie Size

Sensitivity around cookie size is an important consideration to ForeSee. While it is felt that the value provided by the ForeSee® SDK outweighs the size, there are some controls that can be used to reduce the size of the ForeSee cookie.

You can make this request to Support.

Client Code version 19.4.0

There is an option for a micro-cookie instead of the traditional cookie. Refer to the Micro-cookie Option article for more details on this option.
In addition, any of the Default CPPs can be eliminated.

Client Code version 19.3.2

ForeSee can eliminate the following Default CPPs from being collected:

  • terms - Search terms collected from the search engine that brought the survey respondent to the site.
  • browser - The brand name and version of browser used by the survey respondent.
  • os - The type of operating system used by the survey respondent (e.g., Windows, Mac).
  • referrer - The domain of the referring URL, i.e., the page the survey respondent was on prior to coming to your site.
  • site - Used to distinguish between multiple domains.
  • code - The version of Client Code (recommend keeping this one).
  • GA_ID - If you are using Google Analytics, ForeSee captures this ID for integration purposes.
  • OTR_VID - If you are using Omniture, ForeSee captures this ID for integration purposes.
  • OMTR_BEACON - If you are using Omniture, ForeSee creates and captures this ID for integration purposes.

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Reducing Cookie Size

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