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Replay Overview

ForeSee Replay is a video recording of a survey respondent's visit to your web site. The web based player, used to view these recordings, offers some features and functionality to help in the analysis of the session.

With Replay activated, when a visitor comes to your site, a recording starts to be captured of the site visit. If a visitor completes a survey, a recording of their interaction with the web site is transferred to ForeSee's database. In cases such as Feedback, where the survey is completed before the end of the visit or session, the recording is transferred when the respondent leaves the site. If a visitor does not complete a survey in their visit, the video is deleted and does not reach ForeSee's database.

Note on Pooling: Replay starts a recording for all visitors unless pooling has been configured for your survey (pooling is rarely applied). (If pooling has been configured for your survey, a recording only starts for visitors that are "in the pool". More details are found in the Invitation Behavior article).

Configuration Options

Replay can be configured to record (or also block) certain pages of your website. You can also record or block recordings for specific users (that can be identified by a cookie, Javascript variable, user agent, browser or URL query string value).

You may also omit specific portions of a page that may display Personal Identity Information (PII) as described in the Replay Masking article.

How Long Does It Take to Create a Replay Movie

For a CX Measure survey, the Replay movie is created overnight and is available the following day.
For a Feedback survey, the Replay movie is available around 15 minutes after capture.

What's Captured in a Replay

Replay movies capture DOM mutations, dynamic HTML, SVG elements and iframes.
Flash animation, videos and canvas elements are not captured.

Does Replay impact my site’s performance?

Replay has been designed to have a very minimal performance impact to your site. First of all, the ForeSee code is designed to load quickly and not interfere with the loading of other elements of your site. (More details here.)

In addition, Replay captures only a minimal amount of information while a user is browsing your site (mouse movements, keyboard inputs, etc.). By capturing the other site elements outside of a user's visit, we significantly reduce the amount of data that needs to be captured and transmitted.

In order to create high fidelity movies, Replay captures data on user inputs very frequently. As a result, you may observe a lot of network events/calls. However, each call sends only a very small amount of data and these events should have only a minor (or negligible) impact on performance.

Multiple Replay movies for a user

In some cases, a session is captured across multiple Replay movies.

  • If a visitor takes a Feedback survey, there are two movies. One captures the visit up to the start of the survey, and the other captures the rest of the visit after the survey was submitted.
  • If a visitor browses across multiple tabs/windows, these are created as separate movies.
  • If you are on SDK Version 16.0.0 thru 19.3.7, if a visitor declines a CX Measure survey invitation but later takes a Feedback survey, only one movie is captured (from the completion of the Feedback survey through the end of the site visit). On 19.4.0+, two movies are created as described in the first bullet of this section.

Accessing Replay movies

Recordings are stored for a period of 15 months, at which time the files are purged from the database and are no longer available.

The Replay movie player presents an added perspective on a survey respondent's experience and often highlights trouble spots where visitors are consistently experiencing issues with the site. With Replay, you can visually compare the mouse clicks or touches, mouse movement, and page scrolling of an individual session to that of the usage pattern for all sessions.

If you are an existing client and would like more information about viewing and analyzing Replay movies, log into CX Suite and go to the help section for CX Suite Replay Information.

Replay Capture Rate

The capture rate expectation for the Replay product is 80%. What this means that ForeSee systems generate movies about 80% of the time. 20-10% failure is expected for not only ForeSee's product but across the industry. Replay stores event information in the user's browser storage and then transmits to ForeSee servers. If the user has an older browser that is not on the supported list, their connection is too slow, or quickly disrupted the transfer of data, this data may be corrupt or be partially transmitted. If there isn't enough event data (the visit duration is too short) or the data is corrupt, no movie is created.