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Public API support for Engagement Surveys - Engagement Survey data can now be exported through the CX Measure Export API into Business Intelligence or other reporting tools. See this topic for more details.

ForeSee API Overview topic has been renamed to "Predictive Experience API Overview".

New section added on how to download a performance report.

New release notes section added for DBA.


OData Connector now supports connecting directly to Engagement Survey respondent data using tools such as MS Excel or Power BI.

The following new topics have been added in the Odata Connector section:

Data Column Definitions

URLs for Getting Data

The Web SDK release notes section has been brought up to date with the latest fixes.


Survey invitation content has been restructured and updated to include additional information on survey trigger configuration options and Overlay templates.

Survey Trigger Mechanism
Survey Invitation Templates
Overlay Survey Template

The Web SDK release notes section has been brought up to date with the latest fixes.


There are no changes for the 21.6 release.


Content references to ForeSeeĀ® Replay have been updated to point to Digital Behavior Analytics (DBA) Replay.

The DBA FAQ has has been updated and restructured.


There are no changes for the 21.8 release.


There are no changes for the 21.9 release.

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