SDK Extension Points

SDK extension points allow you, as a client, to add some functionality to the Verint XM Web SDK that enhance the experience for your site visitor or to augment your response data.

Extension Point Use Cases

  • When you want to prevent multiple "invitation" like overlays to appear in one user session. See Getting Invitation Status.
  • When you want to send an event to your analytics tool that indicates an invitation has been shown, accepted, or declined. See API Event Hooks.
  • When you want to re-evaluate include/exclude rules outside of a normal page load. See Single Page App Notes (less commonly used).

Customer Passed Parameters API

If you want to call product specific API methods, wrap them in our special fsReady() callback function. Due to the asynchronous way that the Web SDK code is loaded onto the page, there is no guarantee that specific methods will be available when you want to use them. Wrapping your calls in fsReady() ensures that these methods are available. For example, to set a CPP, you call FSR.CPPS.set('name','value'). Using hosted code, this is how it is written:

// This should appear BELOW the foresee embed snippet
fsReady(function() {