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Supported Platforms

The charts below provides a list of the web browsers and mobile platforms versions which are certified for each ForeSee application. Browsers, platforms, or versions tagged as "Not Supported" (not tested) or "Supported" (functional but not fully tested) are noted.

Web Browser Support Mobile Platform Support
Internet Explorer Chrome Firefox Safari iOS Android
CX Measure (Trigger Code) (19x) 10+ 30+ 25+ 5.2+ 9+ 4.4+
Replay (19x) 10+ 30+ 25+ 5.2+ 9+ 4.4+
Feedback (19x) 10+ 30+ 25+ 5.2+ 9+ 4.4+
Mobile SDK* 9+ 4.4-7.1
CX Suite Applications
CX Suite Web UI 10+ 30+ 25+ NS NS NS
Feedback In-page Reporting 10+ 30+ 25+ NS NS NS
Other Applications
AAP/EP 9+ 30+ 25+ NS NS NS
ForeSee Mobile App 9+** 4.4 - 6.0*

*Mobile SDK: We don't officially support hybrid apps (e.g. Cordova), but we have seen some clients have success implementing the full SDK in certain cases (CX Measure would likely work, but not Replay). We can also offer static links which provide standalone surveys on those platforms.


S = Supported but not certified.
NS = Not supported
* = Phones only
**= Phones only, and must be iPhone 5S+

Supported Platforms