Web SDK Release Notes


Verint XM Developer Portal content is now hosted on Verint Connect. The website developer.foresee.com will not be available after January 2023. To view the latest Web SDK release notes, click here.

Public releases of the Web SDK are outlined here. Unless specified, these notes apply to the CX Measurement, Replay, and Feedback products.

Release Notes for the Digital Behavior Analytics WebSDK can be found here.


Released May 10, 2022

General Fixes

  • Prevent red border from overlapping the text area character limit for required text questions.
  • Improve screen-reader accessibility for radio buttons on Feedback survey.


Released April 23, 2022

General Fixes

  • Fix the “repeatDays accept” in MicroModel survey on reload after submission and survey not presented
  • Remove unnecessary screen-reader descriptions in svg tags on surveys


Released March 11, 2022

New Features

  • Update Engagement Survey sampling logic so it is handled separately
  • Surface _previewbadge.html and badge preview functionality where cx suite can use it in current version
  • Update reporting of feedback from MID to FS_MID
  • Add “set all” input fields and buttons to the WebSDK Admin screen

General Fixes

  • MicroModel survey is not presenting on reload when it is submitted on ignoreRepeatDays: true and error is thrown
  • RepeatDays accept/decline after timeout in MicroCookie mode requires page reload to present the invite (Abandon timeout logic to be reused)
  • Admin page “Return to site” brings you back on the admin page in Firefox
  • Feedback badge does not hide after it is interacted upon
  • MicroModel survey is not obeying the browserSessionTime when it is non zero
  • When question text is highlighted you are unable to select a check box


Released November 23rd, 2021

New Features

  • MICROCOOKIE to COOKIE storage type migration support
  • Change CPP deletion behavior
  • Update Privacy Policy links on Feedback

General Fixes

  • Fix clear button on the Admin override page
  • Fix CPPS synchronization issues
  • Update “storage upgrade” mechanism and Cookie consolidation to work consistently

Accessibility Fixes

  • Update foresee feedback banner name
  • Fix for ratings radio buttons unselectable issue
  • Remove unusable Ok button on confirmation page
  • Add missing alt-text to image
  • Fix for screen reader focus issues on text inputs


Released September 1st, 2021

New Features

  • Enable External Surveys (EFM) In Modal/Overlay Window.
  • Add full SID to event payload.

General Fixes

  • ForeSee Feedback: Intercept Invite - Missing ARIA values.


Released July 16th, 2021

General Fixes

  • Modern Invite Issues - Missing Flags on Button


Released July 2nd, 2021

New Features

  • No-Invite Trigger in a New Tab
    This feature will automatically popup a survey for the user in a new window if they are in the criteria sample.
  • No-Invite Trigger in Modal Window
    This feature will automatically show a modal survey for the user if they are in the criteria sample.

General Fixes

  • Modern Invite Tracker Logo Display
  • FSR API Not Working As Expected
  • Top border line of the selection for star rating is missing on Chrome 88
  • fsReady throws exception while gateway injected via Chrome Dev Extension
  • CPPs missing from Feedback submits
  • Feedback Weblink survey was not collecting CPP set with CPP API for some iOS respondents


Released April 15th, 2021

General Fixes

  • Fix for JAWS screen reader issues with Star Rating input


Released March 29, 2021

General Fixes

  • Fix CPPS pageview count ("pv") for Microcookie mode
  • This fixes a bug where the CPPS "pv" value was not incrementing beyond a value of 1. The CPPS pv value should now correctly update.
  • FSR API Methods Not Working As Expected
  • Admin override is broken and the updates from the admin page are not criteria check determined for loyalty factor


Released January 30, 2021

New Features

  • Add oesid param for short survey

General Fixes

  • Verint-ForeSee Logo Sizing Issues in Feedback Survey
  • Regression - Submit Button cannot be interacted w/ via Enter key
  • Feedback - Star Rating Cannot be Operated by Arrow Keys
  • Mobile On-Exit Survey Renderer


Released December 5, 2020

New Features

  • On Prem - Call ForeSee logo on Invitation and Tracker locally

General Fixes

  • Update “X” Image on Feedback Window to be a Button
  • Changed the default logo alt text in surveys to “company logo” instead of “ForeSee logo”
  • Remove “role=dialog” from Feedback Button


Released October 9, 2020

New Features

  • Moved loyalty sampling check from trigger product into gateway
  • The abandoned event will now fire when the idleViewsBeforeLoad count is met or exceeded on page unload
  • Allow optionally disabling the microcookie request interval

General Fixes

  • Trigger is no longer available when recording is disabled and the invite was abandoned
  • Values for invite accepted, declined and abandoned increment or decrement consistently
  • Pinning is not sticking to the application
  • Fixes a bug showing multiple invitation


Released October 9, 2020

New Features

  • API for retrieving the Feedback config

General Fixes

  • Text layout issues in mobile contexts (cut off texts)
  • Browser cutoff for Chrome now applies in all cases
  • Better compatibility with IE11


Released September 12, 2020

New Features

  • Criteria determination is handled in the gateway instead of the product modules
  • Ability to render EFM Surveys from WebSDK
  • Feedback badge can pop up windows with custom urls
  • Added callback to the trigger getConfig API

Config Changes

  • Updated the minimum default Safari version from 5.2 to 7
  • Definitions can be configured to show a survey from the EFM platform instead of a modern or legacy ForeSee survey

General Fixes

  • Micro Survey: Improved compatibility for IE 11


Released August 15, 2020

New Features

  • Updated survey pinning and locking: if circumstances change, a different, more appropriate survey can be shown to users even after a survey invite was accepted
  • Consolidated cookie implementation: only the 4c cookie will be set, no other cookies are used
  • Cookie storage toggle for GDPR compliance, using the enableStorage() method
  • Options to better deal with automatic modal focus conflicts
  • Added single page view option

General Fixes

  • Reduced number of calls in the cookie handling logic
  • Legacy Replay: fix for lastMousePosition error with cross domain iframes
  • Updated namespace for Material Design icons to avoid conflicts
  • Fixes error in console when loading Replay (m-pathy)
  • Modern & Micro Survey: new respondent IDs are no longer generated on every new load

Config Changes

  • Dropped support for "." wildcard in config fields
  • CPP based whitelist and blacklist settings can be created to work with wildcards and regex for Invite and Trigger

Accessibility Fixes

  • Feedback: logo alt text can be set correctly
  • Correct live region handling to better work with screenreaders


Released July, 2020

New Features

  • Legacy replay is replaced by our new Digital Behavior Analytics replay solution.
  • Trigger: consolidate CSS classes with prefixes to avoid conflicts. All CSS classes in the WebSDK (invitation and survey) that are not already prefixed now have the prefix “verint-sdk-”. If custom rules or JavaScript logic exists that use the old class names, they will need to be updated to use the new prefix.
  • Added onFeedbackReady event, fired when at least one badge is found in the configuration and qualified to be rendered and when the Feedback popup is displayed (event is fired only once)

Config Changes

  • Config naming and items were generally cleaned up and overhauled. Existing configs have to be migrated.

General Fixes

  • Add special handling for cookies set in Safari to ensure SameSite=Strict is set properly
  • Avoids null exception in Omniture integration


Released May, 2020

General Fixes

  • Feedback: fixes disappearing star ratings
  • Feedback: consolidation of CSS classes with prefixes to avoid conflicts


Released May, 2020

New Features

  • Short Survey: configuration option (idleViewsShowConsecutively, idleViewsBeforeStop) to ignore sampling on consecutive pages, showing the invite repeatedly on consecutive pages after users don’t interact on the first page

General Fixes

  • Feedback: skip logic with blank keyword no longer behaves differently in IE
  • Feedback: avoids double scroll bar on long surveys
  • Feedback: OpinionLabs tabs are no longer hidden

Accessibility Fixes

  • Feedback: improved contrast for error messages


Released Mar 25, 2020

New Features

  • Trigger: To work around ITP browser restrictions that limit cookie expiration to a maximum of 7 days, added HYBRID and MICRO_HYBRID retention options to use local storage
  • Added new functions FSR.suppressInvite(), FSR.allowInvite() and updates to FSR.setFSRVisibility()

General Fixes

  • Fixed Google Analytics CPP to collect consistently in async conflict situations
  • Improved fsReady API error handling for disabled products and false gateway calls

Accessibility Fixes

  • Use embedded SVGs for Feedback survey icons for on prem solutions
  • Pinch-to-zoom should no longer be disabled on feedback surveys
  • Screen readers will now announce fields that are required on focus and unanswered required fields
  • Removed unwanted scroll behavior during user interaction and navigation to a different page


Released Feb 12, 2020

New Features

  • API to append values to CPPs, new values appended with a comma.

Config Changes

  • Option to add a second privacy policy in modern desktop and mobile invites
  • Support selection of background color and text color of submit button in mobile invites
  • Support selection of text color on modern tracker window

General Improvements

  • Improvements to close button on mobile invite
  • Improved feedback error handling in a mobile app WebView

Accessibility Fixes

  • Feedback badge reachable using keyboard control


Released Nov 7, 2019

Config Changes

  • New property cookieExpiration to adjust the expiration time of ForeSee cookies
  • Invitations, triggers and record can now be included or excluded based on CPP values
  • The env CPP will now be set anytime ForeSee Web SDK is running


Released Sep 27, 2019

General Fixes

  • Email/text boxes on mobile invitation are now more easily user selectable
  • Added error to discourage running embed snippet more than once
  • New CPP invite_presented_interval to calculate the date that the invite was presented


Released Sep 13, 2019

Security Enhancements

  • HTML containing configuration settings sanitized to ensure third parties cannot inject malicious javascript-containing HTML into the on-prem config.json endpoint. This setting is on by default for all on-prem deploys
  • On-prem customers can now secure the integrity of the config.json endpoint using a hash so it can’t be modified by a third party


Released Aug 23, 2019

General Fixes

  • Extended product configuration for Feedback to make emergency fixes faster


Released Aug 2, 2019

Replay Fixes

  • Replay stability improvements with certain iframe configurations


Released Jul 26, 2019

Accessibility Fixes

  • Feedback Invitation: Character limit in text boxes can be used by screen readers

General Fixes

  • Third party polyfills removed from IE11
  • CPP ‘sessionid’ renamed to ‘replay_session_id’


Released July 16th, 2019

Security Improvements

  • Precompile templates into JS & removed template eval that can cause issues with security scanning software and Content Security Policies
  • Refactor record worker to avoid eval in on-prem deploys

Other Fixes

  • Reduced the size of client code package which will result in a faster load time
  • Invitation: Fixed an issue with the mobile-invite email/phone auto-fill blocking the submit button
  • Record: Refactor record masking code to be simpler and more reliable
  • Replay: Select options with label attributes and placeholder attributes on text fields will now be masked (older versions did not)


Released July 2, 2019


Critical Security Updates

On-prem config persistence issues are now fixed.

All on-prem customers who are on webSDK versions 19.3.0 - 19.8.7 must upgrade their version to 19.9.3+ to resolve the security risk

Accessibility Fixes

  • Additional accessibility improvement went into 19.9.3 for the mobile and web invite
    • Removed aria-hidden modification of the page contents when the invite is shown
    • Fix focus trapping on the mobile invite

General Bug Fixes

  • No longer receiving any JS errors on IE11 when interacting with the invitation
  • Feedback is consistently presenting on the page where the badge is located, there were some cases where this was not occurring


Released June 13, 2019

19.9.2 was an internal release. Please refer to 19.9.3 for the most up to date version.


Released May 13th, 2019

Feedback Accessibility Fixes

  • Focus visual missing from the close box
  • Space bar does not select star rating/question choice
  • No notice visually or through screen reader that a question is required
  • Focus leaves feedback modal when tabbing
  • Autofocus on required question error message when a client tries to submit with required questions blank

Replay Fixes

  • No update required:
  • Fix fixed position bug and remove pinch-zoom emulation. All fixed position elements are now in the proper location and stay there. Many missing menus in replays are now fixed!
  • Update required:
    • Allow masking characters to be customizable (including asterisks). Added masking asterisks back into the config, and also added the ability to mask by any character
    • Fixed site style tags being masked when they shouldn’t
    • Some input field temporarily masked in Replay videos is no longer an issue
    • Fixed a cross-domain iframe ‘lastMousePosition’ error

CX Measure Fixes

  • Incorrect CPPs sent on IE for cxMeasure caused by the URL limit in IE11 of 2048 characters. Fixes double sending CPPs
  • Pinned/Locked survey definitions can appear on devices they shouldn’t


Released April 11th, 2019


  • Removes use of evaluated JavaScript in configurations.
  • Removes evaluated CPP values (deprecated).

Config Changes

  • Allows setting config values from page variables.
  • improves configuration stability.
  • Removes evaluated CPP values (deprecated).


Released April 26th, 2019

Replay Fixes

  • Fixes issue reading property ‘lastMousePosition’ due to cross domain iframe failing to be detected as such and producing a cross domain error


Released April 11th, 2019

Replay Fixes

  • Record: Input Field Temporarily Masked in Replay Videos.


Released March 22nd, 2019

Feedback Fixes

  • Fixes incorrect Feedback survey appearing after another survey is filled out on a different page.


Released March 1st, 2019

Replay Fixes

  • Properly captures input controls that are set programmatically (usually set by a web framework).
  • Improves the performance of input element tracking.

CX Measure Fixes

  • Removes unwanted conversion between legacy and modern tracker definitions.
  • Fixes instability when modern and legacy are mixed on a site.


Released February 22nd, 2019

Accessibility Improvements

  • Fix email/SMS disclaimer message contrast on mobile invitation.
  • Removed invisible close buttons on mobile invitation.
  • Entire thank you page now read by VoiceOver/TalkBack.
  • Adjusted default thank you page display time to seven seconds.
  • Focus box surrounds entire thank you page instead of just the header Thank You.


  • Remove unwanted scroll bars from mobile replays.
  • Branding color change during conversion.
  • Issues with GA_ID / GA_UID cpp collection.
  • Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property 'rpn' of undefined.


Released February 7th, 2019

Trigger Fixes

  • Fixed unintentional conversion when using a non-tracker inviteType.
    For example, an INSESSION Exit Intent definition when an invite was already accepted from a TRACKER definition.


Released January 21st, 2019


  • Fixed SDK restart on page load programmatic URL change. New config setting pageLoadUrlChangeBlackout which can be used to ignore URL changes for a period of time after initial page load.
  • Feedback design update to center align the stars.
  • Added trigger setting to delay invitation for a specific definition. You can add inviteDelay to the display of a survey definition to override the product config for the same setting. Can be set to zero to remove the inviteDelay from the product config.
  • A lot more accessibility fixes for the mobile/desktop invitation.

Accessibility Updates - Technical details

  • For desktop and mobile invitations
    • Fixed a bug where the user focus was not returned to the previous location on invitation close
    • Fixed a bug where the scroll position was not restored on invitation close
  • For desktop invitations
    • Fixed a bug where the close button dialog didn't interact correctly with screen readers
  • For mobile invitations
    • Fixed focus issues between the invitation and page body
    • Fixed bugs on Android/iOS where the screen reader would get confused by page contents
    • Updated error message handling to improve screen reader compatibility
    • Removed spaces from the invisible close button so "non-breaking space" doesn't get spoken by screen readers
    • Improved color contrast for error text


Released January 21st, 2018
Internal-only release

  • Removed all references to MD5 code from URL signing and Replay.


Released December 21st, 2018

Accessibility Improvements

  • Improved mobile CX Measure invitation accessibility for screen readers.

Technical Details on Accessibility Updates

  • On the modern desktop invitation
    • Made the accept button title use the acceptButtonTitleText setting to allow internationalization of this text
    • Removed hard coded text from the template in favor of using acceptButtonTitleText
  • On the mobile invitation
    • Added ariaCloseInvite to display settings to allow internationalization of "close dialog" message; this is only spoken by screen readers
    • Added ariaContactLabel setting for internationalization of the screen reader-only dialog label on the contact screen
    • Changed emailInvalidation and textInvalidation setting defaults to include the word 'Error:' for color-challenged individuals
    • Duplicated the close button to each screen in order to move inside the "dialog" that is announced by screen readers
    • Ensure the mobile invite dialog is announced with a label and a description
    • Ensure that the close button on the mobile invite is highlighted
    • Ensure tab-stops are only applied to interactive elements
    • Ensure that tab-stop buttons are correctly labeled
    • Improved browser compatibility by replacing tabindex > 0 with tabindex=0
    • Added an invisible close button after the privacy links that has a tab-stop for screen readers
    • Properly labeled SMS/email input fields for screen readers
    • Ensure the thank you page is announced by screen readers when it appears
    • Hide the thank you page's countdown timer from screen readers to reduce noise
    • When the SMS/email input is submitted with invalid text ensure it's marked as aria-invalid, and move the focus back to the input field
    • Fixed a bug where the input would fail to get focus when switching to the contact page
    • Ensure that the "thank you" is focused on the thank you page so it will be read by iOS/Android screen readers


Released December 18th, 2018

  • Replay capture and data transmission further improved.
  • Captures browser window and device screen sizes as CPPs.


Released December 5, 2018

  • Reduced volume of Replay data transmission.
  • Improved stability of Replay capture.


Released October 11, 2018

  • Adjusted frequency of network communication for basic session information (non-PII).
  • Provided opt-out for analytics event tracking.
  • Created option to store ForeSee® Replay data within Session Storage (as an alternative to Window.Name).
  • Created option to allow removal of CPPs from Feedback only implementations (this feature was already supported for implementations which contain a CX Measurement survey).


Released September 17, 2018

  • Bug fixes for a few Replay issues.


Released September 11, 2018

  • Improved quality of Replay capture.
  • Enabled Replay capture across domains (as long as the same ForeSee® SDK is running on both sites).
  • Suppress invitation in micro-cookie mode if server connection is not available.
  • Created new Feedback event listeners, as described in API Event Hooks.
  • Disabled tracker conversion on IE11 (users must click the link in the tracker window once their session is over to begin the survey).
  • Improved capture of Omniture Beacon used for Adobe Analytics integration.
  • Created option to hide the 'OK' button on the thank you page of a Feedback survey.
  • Improved event capture to include page view data.


Released July 26, 2018

  • New configuration options for Replay masking, including the All Masking mode, which is described in the Replay Masking article.
  • Option to use the new Replay engine which improves capture rate and website performance.
  • Option to use the new Modern template for the CX Measure invitation. Details in Personalize Your Survey Invitation.
  • Accessibility improvements for classic desktop invitation.
  • Updated on-exit SMS flow to be only one message (instead of two).


Released June 1, 2018

  • Fixed issue where users would receive multiple consecutive survey invitations in extremely rare cases with micro-cookie based tracking mode.


Released May 24, 2018

  • Fixed issue where ForeSee - Adobe integration wasn't working in some rare cases with long URLs and certain Adobe Analytics versions.
  • Updated device detection library in survey code to use WURFL.


Released April 18, 2018

  • Fixed issue where ForeSee® API wasn't responding in some rare cases.


Released April 17, 2018

  • Increased contrast ratio of star ratings in Feedback survey.
    • Changed from yellow (#FCD60F) to orange (#EF6C00).
  • Fixed issue where URL CPPs wouldn't update in some rare cases.
  • Updated event tracking for Feedback surveys.


Released March 29, 2018

  • Created a 'lasttab' mode for the Exit Intent invitation in which the invitation will load only if only one tab of the client's site is open.
  • Created an option to center the tracker window.
  • Fixed a bug where the survey definition pinning wasn't working in some rare cases.
  • Fixed a bug where CPPs containing a space weren't correctly ingested when appended to a Feedback weblink.
  • Removed the terms CPP.


Released March 5, 2018

  • Fixed an issue where the Feedback survey in overlay mode wouldn't scroll correctly in rare cases on Web SDK 19.6.2.


Released February 28, 2018

  • Fixed an issue where the Web SDK would conflict with mootools.js in some rare cases.
  • Fixed an issue where the tracker window wouldn't load in some rare cases in micro-cookie mode in Firefox and Chrome.
  • Fixed an issue where Feedback surveys wouldn't load in some rare cases.


Released February 23, 2018

  • Fixed an issue where CX Measure desktop tracker window would unexpectedly close in rare cases.


Released February 1, 2018

  • Enabled an option to activate a CX Measurement invitation on a desktop device if it appears that a user is about to end their session (as determined by mouse movement).
  • Enabled an option to limit the presentation of the CX Measurement mobile invitation (invitation can be configured to only persist through a certain number of pages in a 24-hour period before it automatically closes).
  • Fixed an issue where CPPs weren't ingested for Feedback surveys if the weblink URL was encoded by an email client.
  • Improved accessibility of Feedback surveys by enhancing tabbing/focusing behavior and include additional aria-labels.
  • Ended support for Internet Explorer 10 and Android versions 4.4-4.9.
  • Disabled health check from CX Measurement, Feedback and Replay products.
  • Enabled support for the Survey 2.0 application.
  • Enabled support for UK phone numbers for survey invitations delivered via SMS.
  • Fixed an issue where Feedback surveys could not be submitted in rare cases due to URI size.
  • Fixed an issue where console errors were being logged in rare cases for Feedback surveys using the custom JavaScript deployment option.
  • Updated placement of the Terms and Conditions link on CX Measurement invitations for mobile devices.
  • Fixed minor visual inconsistency in the banner image on Feedback surveys deployed via site badge and weblink.
  • Fixed issue where the 'Privacy Policy' label on a Feedback survey deployed via weblink wasn't updating to the correct language on an expired survey.


Released December 19, 2017

  • Added an API Method to suppress the CX Measurement invitation.
  • Enabled multi-language support for Feedback.
  • Added a default CPP to distinguish if a Feedback survey was completed from a website badge or a weblink.
  • Increased stability of CX Measurement tracker window and micro-cookie mode.
  • Fixed an issue where Feedback badge wouldn't appear for mobile devices unless it was activated for desktop devices as well.


Released October 16, 2017

  • Fixed issue where Feedback survey didn't display properly for a few clients.
  • Fixed issue where Feedback comment text was duplicated in CX Suite.
  • Added new analytics events to better analyze Replay collection.
  • Improved collection rate for OMTR_VID (CPP for Adobe Analytics integration).
  • Added collection for new Adobe Analytics IDs needed for Feedback integration.
  • Fixed issue where desktop tracker window for CX Measurement wasn't closing in some rare cases.
  • Added support for Adobe integration using XML HTTP Request (needed in rare cases).
  • Fixed issue where Feedback badge wouldn't appear if there was no text in the badge.
  • Fixed 404 errors that appeared when manual launch of Feedback survey was wrapped in call to fsReady() command.


Released August 31, 2017
New features:

  • Support for new Feedback features in CX Suite 17.2 release (badge configuration options, exclude URL for survey/topic). Refer to the Help and Training link within CX Suite for details.
  • Added ability to define cookie placement to a specific sub-domain.
  • Added more detail to event data on CX Measurement and Feedback surveys.
  • Improved accessibility of CX Measurement invitation and tracker window.
  • Improved accessibility of Feedback survey.

Bug fixes:

  • Updated default CPPs for site and sitekey to more accurately capture expected values.
  • Fixed a bug where phone numbers entered in a Feedback survey were being masked.
  • Fixed a bug where users would not receive the expected survey in some rare cases when other surveys touchpoints were added or deleted.


Released July 28, 2017

  • Fixed an early-exit issue when pages took a very long time to load.
  • Fixed an early-exit issue when 3rd party analytics not consistently available on entire site.
  • Resolved an issue with replay with text inputs on single page applications.


Released July 17, 2017

  • Fixed a bug where phone numbers entered in a Feedback survey were being masked.


Released July 11, 2017

  • Fixed a bug where phone numbers entered in a Feedback survey were being masked (solved specific case where the phone number is the only input to the question).


Released June 28, 2017

  • Release of micro-cookie option, which allows clients to significantly reduce the size of the ForeSee cookie (micro-cookie is around 50 bytes).
  • Improved capture of Replay movies when both CX Measurement and Feedback are running simultaneously.
  • Changed cookie expiration period to two years from last cookie edit.


Released June 12, 2017

  • Fixed a bug where the tracker window wasn't loading in some rare instances due to conflict with Google Analytics.


Released June 9, 2017

  • Fixed a bug where the tracker window opened in a new tab instead of a new window on Chrome 59.


Released June 6, 2017

  • Fixed a bug where the mobile invitation was non-responsive in some rare cases on Single Page Applications.
  • Updated default wording for mobile survey invitation.
  • Improved capture of Replay movies on Angular based websites.
  • Ability to set a CPP based on the presence of a specific cookie.
  • Enabled use of boolean values for trigger configurations.
  • Fixed an issue where the mobile invite would appear on a desktop site in rare cases.
  • Fixed a bug where certain Feedback questions wouldn't render correctly for certain clients.
  • Fixed a bug where bottom right placement option for the desktop invite placement wasn’t precise on large displays.
  • Fixed a bug where Replay recording wouldn't initialize if the survey invitation page was blacklisted from the recording.


Released May 18, 2017

  • Added aria-hidden tag to ForeSee iframe to identify it as a hidden element.
  • Addressed issue with Replay where it was not recording Single Page Applications properly, or not reinitializing itself after FSR.run() was called.
  • Added a capability to defer the loading of ForeSee JavaScript until after the page has finished loading - boosting page load times.
  • Fixed a bug wherein the "browser" CPP was coming across as "undefined" instead of "Chrome" for survey respondents using Mobile Chrome on iOS 10.
  • Fixed an issue wherein the survey tracker window was blocked by Chrome’s pop-up blocker in some rare instances.
  • Fixed issue where some portions of text were unreadable on the "light" theme of the mobile invitation.


Released on May 5, 2017

New Features

  • Release of ForeSee On-Premises Deployment option, which includes CX Measure, Replay and Feedback. This article has more details.
  • Cookie migration script which reads data from older cookies and rewrites them into the new 4c cookie while removing old ForeSee cookies.
  • Ability to adjust invite qualifier / reminder content based on user’s location (locale).
  • Additional masking configuration options for Replay. Currently supporting blacklisting/whitelisting based on cookie value, Javascript variable and URL.
  • Added auto-resizing of mobile invites on non-responsive sites.
  • Added additional configuration options for CX Measure survey invites on desktop (color, font). Also added the ability to remove ForeSee logo on desktop and mobile invites. More details.
  • New API method (FSR.CPPS.all) to read values for all CPPs that have been set More Details (More details).

Technical notes / bugs

  • Fixed issue where tracker window sometimes would not load on IE11.
  • Adjusted reset time for page value count and other CPPs to 24 hours (previously was 90 days).
  • Support for legacy custom invites (not available in 19.3.0-19.3.2).
  • Fixed issue where FSR.run command wasn’t working correctly in some cases.
  • Deprecated support for functions in trigger configuration files. The CPP API should be used instead.
  • V3: Fixed issue where mobile invite could not be ignored in some cases.
  • V3: Fixed issue where page views where double counted in some cases.


Released on March 26, 2017

  • Fixed issue on Feedback where client logo wouldn’t appear in some cases.
  • Added new extension point to get the invitation status of a user. [This article](doc:getting-invitation-status) has more details.
  • Fixed issues where Feedback survey and/or badge weren’t loading properly in rare instances.
  • Fixed variable checking for survey include/exclude.
  • Fixed timing issue with `fsReady()` and `acsReady()` making API not available at the right time.
  • Fixed display issues in IE10 for Feedback.


Released on February 11, 2017

  • Improved compatibility with Google Analytics.


Released on February 9, 2017

  • Ability to configure mobile invite colors (see [How to Personalize Your Survey Invite](doc:customized-invitations) for more details).
  • New “light” themed mobile invite template.
  • Fixed issue which would cause other pop-ups to appear over the survey invite or Feedback button in rare instances.
  • Improved collection of Feedback CPPs.
  • Fixed issues with tracker window and survey invite on IE10, IE11, and Safari.
  • Support dropped for IE9.
  • Changes to ForeSee cookie.
    • **Cookie name changed from `__fspl__` to `_4c_`** to avoid conflicts with previous versions of code.
    • Cookie now utilizes DEFLATE compression for ~30% reduction in overall size.
  • Fixed issue where selecting privacy link on mobile survey invite would hide the invite.
  • Improved tabbing from web page to invite modal (better for accessibility).


Released on January 16, 2017

  • New [mobile invitation](doc:invitation-behavior#mobile) look to comply with [Google mobile accessibility standards](https://webmasters.googleblog.com/2016/08/helping-users-easily-access-content-on.html).
  • Ability to set sampling percentage and loyalty factor by locale.
  • Ability to disable some built-in CPPs added.
  • Support for [custom invitations](doc:invitation-behavior#customized-invitations) added.
  • Tweaks to pinning and locking feature of trigger code.
  • Improved conversion funnel reporting for trigger code.
  • Replay session expiration tweaked. Sessions now expire one hour after the last page load.
  • New API extension to log custom events. 


Released on December 2, 2016

  • Automatic prevention of overlapping invitations when `showInvite()` is called more than once.


Released on November 17, 2016

  • Automatic deletion of legacy ForeSee cookies.


Released on November 10, 2016

  • Feedback badge display issues resolved.
  • Feedback survey display issues resolved.
  • Feedback IE8 blocking implemented.
  • Feedback moving between security origins fixed.
  • Feedback in-page reporting project list display issues fixed.
  • Feedback skip-logic in surveys now supported.
  • Feedback Incognito mode issues addressed.


Released on November 3, 2016

  • Cookie-based CPPs issue resolved.
  • Accessibility improvements with the ForeSee DHTML invitation.
  • Omniture Beacon ID captured automatically now.
  • Repeat-days setting now configurable by survey-definition.
  • Survey definition lock mode working as expected now.


Released on October 20, 2016

  • Replay recorder file size reduced 5%.
  • **Cookie name changed from `acs.t` to `_fsspl_`.**
  • Replay tracking improved in older IE versions (on insecure pages).
  • Environment detection improved. OSX and Windows OS version detected more reliably.
  • Custom loyalty-factors by locale.
  • CPP by function fix.
  • Ability to disable Chrome tracker window alert.
  • Logos now loaded off the Foresee CDN.
  • Service health checked now before presenting invitations or feedback badges.
  • TrustE badges removed.
  • Cookie size reduced a little.


Released on October 12, 2016

  • ARIA accessibility improvements to DHTML invitations.


Released on September 1, 2016

  • Added support for function-based CPPs (allows for GA and Omniture integration).
  • Fixed Regex on URL issues for survey include/exclude.
  • Fixed variable checking for survey include/exclude.
  • Fixed cookie checking for survey include/exclude.
  • Fixed sampling percentage of 0 from being treated as 100.
  • Stopping survey invites from appearing within iframes.


Released on August 17, 2016

  • Adding config to not signal page navigation when iFrame source changes.
  • Adding support for function-based CPPs.


  • Resolved some script errors.


  • Resolved errors caused by masking node targeting.


  • Resolved some script errors caused by recorder instance not being set properly in some cases.
  • Removed required notation on Feedback Thank You page.


  • Resolved numerous mobile display issues on Feedback.
  • Issue where `repeatDays` was not working and survey was not re-inviting after 90 days (in some cases) is resolved.
  • Invitation ForeSee logo linked to wrong landing page, now links to correct landing page for information about ForeSee.
  • Feedback badges were stacking up on HTML5 navigation events. This is now resolved.
  • Added the ability to turn off iFrame tracking (Replay).
  • Repaired inline-PII whitelisting feature (Replay).


  • Storage frame accessibility update. HTML title attribute is more descriptive.
  • Basic qualifiers are now available and are more visually appealing than previous.


  • Added support for HTML5 "single page applications." HTML5-style navigation events are considered to be page changes now by Trigger code, Replay, and Feedback.
  • Feedback public API namespace renamed from FSFB to FSRFB.


  • Re-added and improved `FSR.run()` capability from <=18x. Now available as `FSR.pageReset()`. This feature lets you simulate a page change in cases where there was no browser navigation event.
  • Improved event unbinding and cleanup to be more thorough.
  • Replay: Increased sampling rate of mouse move events by 20% for better recordings.


  • Replay: More reliable capture of DOM events that occur in rapid-fire succession.
  • Resolved an issue with Ajax requests where Replay data was sometimes appended.
  • Resolved several minor JavaScript exceptions that would interrupt triggering on rare occasions.


  • Cross-domain iFrame recording in Replay now possible.
  • Fixed JavaScript errors on mobile and desktop Safari when Private Browsing mode is used.
  • Mobile sessions begin transmitting on first page to reduce gradually increasing memory allocation over the course of a recording.
  • Fixed DOCTYPE detection in Replay, fixing layout issues on some sites.
  • Replay refactored as a singleton to support Feedback integration and recordings that are shared between Feedback and cxMeasure.


  • **Changed cookie name from `fsr.s` to `acs.t`.**
  • Replay DOM capture and masking performance improved 22% by optimizing capture functions.
  • Total file size reduced 17.5% when Replay is included, 36% without.
  • Survey definitions, and language tables now written into the gateway JS file rather than contained in a separate file - speeding download times.
  • Trigger and Replay are only downloaded now if needed on the page.
  • Fixed detection of IE 11 Edge.
  • Added storage feature detection.
  • Sometimes-used features (True Conversion, Invitation, Replay) are now separated from main code base and bootstrapped when required.
  • Replay and Trigger are now loaded in parallel for ~30% download performance boost when both are used.
  • Commonly used utilities between Trigger, Feedback, and Replay separated into unique file.
  • Invitation, tracker window, and test page driven from templates for greater customization ability.
  • A/B Testing of invitation and tracker windows.
  • Three new invitation styles to choose from.
  • Minifaction method changed from Closure Compiler to UglifyJS2 resulting in fewer minification related regressions.
  • Replay transmissions only support CORS transport.
  • GZip compression for Replay is automatic for transmissions over 1kb resulting in smaller payload sizes.
  • DOM events are now properly unbound on page unload and when invitation is removed from UI resulting, fixing memory leaks in older browsers.
  • Fixed `onUnload` handling of Replay storage resulting in fewer 'broken' sessions.


  • Resolved iOS 10 detection issue.


  • Adding option in `Tracker.Config` to remove the tracker click to close binding.


  • Adding iframe name, changing iframe title.


  • Fix for Reverse Buttons functionality in survey invitation.


  • Fixed `window.name` retrieval from storage.


  • Matching doc types to fix rendering issues on web pages.


  • Moving Foresee logo to bottom.
  • Fixed window.name retrieval from storage.
  • Reverting cookie retrieval functionality that was breaking pooling.
  • Overcoming console errors.


  • Adding checks for `_4c` being defined.
  • Matching doc types to fix rendering issues on web pages.
  • Fixed window.name and DOM storage persistence on unload.
  • Ensuring only one heartbeat per page load by checking for optional auto parameter.


  • Updating device detection endpoint.
  • Fixing offsets for grey area in FSR overlay.
  • Replay performance enhancements for mobile and tablet.


  • Added CPP for users who click on the tracker window.
  • On hybrid mode service check failure, set 'rt' to true to begin transmission.
  • Initialize bug fix: check if self references window. If not, use window instead of self.


  • When `JSON.stringify()` is passed an object with a `toJSON()` method, it stringifies the return value of `toJSON()` instead of the original object.
  • Some users were adding a `toJSON` prototype to Array, which causes our sent data to be double-escaped.
  • Fix for IE8 'JSON.stringify' of null DOM properties.
  • Updated TRUSTe seal & information.


  • Fixed styling issues on reminder.html.
  • Added Default Multi-Variant CPP and invite event override of type property.
  • Frame controller updated it's status check to return true correctly
  • Frame controller updated it's `postMessage` check to ensure that the method is available after existence check.


  • `Pool.js` set pool state to 'out' if `postMessage` if not available.
  • IE8 Compatibility mode user agent recognition
  • Adding IE# to overlay class name to address cases where IE9 specific CSS is needed on the invite.
  • Changes to support white list inline html blocking and element unblocking.
  • Changing default transport list to (CORS, then SWF) for all browsers except IE 8,9.
  • Build numbers update to 18.1.24, 18.1.24, 1.1.4 and added cloud Replay recording endpoint.


  • Hosted Code: CPPs not being passed to survey.
  • Adding `mi-oneplus` to mobile `ua` detection list.
  • Checking for `instanceof` Node before modifying CSS to overcome weird behavior of DFS.co.uk site.
  • Adding title attribute to iframe for HTML 508 Compliance.


  • Fix for when opening a new window with some specific configurations.
  • Dropped iOS6 support. Will not record prior to iOS6 now.
  • Edge case when detecting IE7 resolved.
  • Whitelisting form elements on Webkit improved.
  • Added `JSON.stringify` and parse support for older IE (<8).
  • Added close-window confirmation on tracker window.

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