Android N

Problems Running Android N With Older Versions of the SDK

Description of Issue

Android N has been found to cause issues with some older versions of the SDK. The issue manifests in a crash on startup with a stack trace similar to the following:

java.lang.RuntimeException: Tracking context has not been initialized. Please call TrackingContext.start() to initialize the TrackingContext before calling TrackingContext.Instance()
at com.foresee.sdk.tracker.TrackingContext.Instance(
at com.foresee.sdk.ForeSee.initRecording(
at com.foresee.sdk.ForeSee.updateConfig(
at com.foresee.sdk.ForeSee.useLocalConfig(
at com.foresee.sdk.ForeSee.checkLocale(
at com.foresee.sdk.ForeSee.activityResumed(


This issue is only seen in versions 3.4 to 3.4.3 of the SDK, and only when Replay is enabled in the configuration file.


This issue requires an updated version of your app to be released to the Play Store, unless the app implementing the SDK is using the remote configuration option.

If the app is using remote configuration, this issue can be solved by disabling Replay. Remove the replayEnabled key in your configuration file, or set it to 'False'. The new configuration is loaded the next time the app is started with internet access.

If the app is not using remote configuration (i.e., default setup), update to the latest version of the SDK using the Getting Started and make a release to the Play Store.