Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains some of the questions ForeSee is most frequently asked by new and prospective clients. Hopefully, these have provided the answer to any question(s) you may have.

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Test Credentials

Are there some test credentials to use to see an example survey?
Yes, please use the following credentials in your configuration file:

surveyId: iphone_app_QA


What versions of iOS are supported by the ForeSee® SDK?
The latest version of the iOS SDK supports iOS 11.0 and above.

Version Support History

ForeSee iOS SDK VersionDeployment TargetiOS 9iOS 10iOS 11iOS 12iOS 13iOS 14Notes invitation design Feedback module Email-only invitation mode
5.3.310.0⚠️This version is compatible with projects that deploy to iOS 10+, but the SDK is restricted to users running iOS 11 or later (the SDK will be disabled for users running 10.x)
5.3.411.0Removed 32-bit targets
5.3.511.0⚠️⚠️In this version we've re-added support for projects with deployment targets going back to iOS 9.0. The SDK is restricted to users running iOS 11 or later (the SDK will be disabled for users running 9.x or 10.x.)⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️Introduced XCFrameworks (and retired fat binaries)

A note about this chart: older versions of the SDK may run fine on newer versions of iOS, even where they do not show up as supported on the chart above. This chart shows where we officially started supporting each new version of iOS after it was released.

What if my application supports older versions of iOS than what's supported by the ForeSee SDK?

When using Cocoapods with a Podfile that specifies an older platform version, Cocoapods will issue a compatibility warning:

[!] The platform of the target `BasicSample` (iOS 10.0) may not be compatible with `ForeSee (5.3.5)` which has a minimum requirement of iOS 11.0.

More importantly, Cocoapods won't link your target to the necessary Pods scripts and your target won't compile when it includes the ForeSee frameworks:

/Users/wayne.burkett/foresee/foresee-sdk-ios-samples/BasicSample/BasicSample/FSAppDelegate.m:12:9: 'ForeSee/ForeSee.h' file not found

On the other hand, if you manually link the library (or otherwise include it by, say, specifying a platform version in your Podfile that's newer than your actual deployment target), then your target will build in any version of Xcode after 9.0, but it will crash at runtime on devices running an unsupported version of iOS:

dyld: Symbol not found: _OBJC_CLASS_$_UIFontMetrics
  Referenced from: /Users/wayne.burkett/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/ForeSee-gscolxgceziuwybewecsuzunorcj/Build/Products/Debug-iphonesimulator/ForeSeeCxMeasure.framework/ForeSeeCxMeasure (which was built for iOS 11.0)

If you must support older versions of iOS than what's supported by the latest version of the ForeSee SDK, then you may try using an older version of the SDK that supports your required targets.

Is the latest version of the SDK 64-bit compatible?
Yes. The latest version of the SDK is compatible with all 64-bit devices currently available.

Do you support cross platform development languages like React Native or PhoneGap?
We offer the following cross-platform plugins:


How big is the SDK?
The SDK is a ~3MB download that occupies about 9MB of disk space unzipped. However, these numbers decrease significantly once implemented within an app. A recent test scenario found that the SDK increased the download size of an app by less than 1MB.


How does the survey adapt for Tablet and Phone?
The survey is an adaptive webview that fits to both tablet and phone, adjusting controls to fit. The size of the invitation also adjusts to be a good fit for the screen size while still remaining unobtrusive. Screenshots can be provided for both tablet and phone on request.


Are criteria counts (e.g. app number of launches) reset on app upgrades?
No, the state of the app (including criteria counts) is persisted through app and/or SDK upgrades. The status can only be cleared using one of the following methods:

  • Uninstall the app
  • Delete the app data
  • Call [ForeSee resetState]


How are CPU and memory usage affected by the SDK?
The SDK has an impact on CPU and memory usage, although the user experience is not affected. The ForeSee code performs as much work as possible on background threads and restricts use of the main thread to preserve a smooth user experience.


Are survey results secure? What kind of transmission method and encryption is used?
The survey information is sent over a secure channel using an HTTPS connection. The connection uses 128-bit encryption under the TLS 1.2 protocol and is encrypted using AES_128_CBC, with SHA1 for message authentication and RSA as the key exchange mechanism.

My app uses App Bound Domains . Will the ForeSee SDK still work?

Yes. Our web view controllers set webViewConfiguration.limitsNavigationsToAppBoundDomains = YES. You should add to the WKAppBoundDomains section of your app's plist.

Third-Party Analytics Services

Can I integrate the ForeSee® SDK with my third-party analytics package or vice versa?
ForeSee has the ability to interact with some third-party analytics services to provide integration and data sharing between those services and our SDK. Please contact your ForeSee partner for more details.

Disabling the SDK

Is there a way to stop the SDK showing anything at all?
Yes. You can ask ForeSee to set the sampling percentage to zero. This means that no invitation is shown, and therefore no surveys.


Is there a way to configure the SDK for different languages?
Yes. All the text on the invitation can be changed by supplying a file containing the alternate text strings. It is possible to add a different set of strings for each of your supported locales. Full instructions on how to achieve this are found in the Localization article.

Can I provide a different configuration for iPhone and iPad?
Yes. Since the configuration is provided as a JSON file within the project, you can use the standard iOS file suffixes to control which file is loaded at run-time. The foresee_configuration.json file is loaded by default; foresee_configuration~ipad.json is only be loaded on iPad.