Configuring Re-invite Behavior

You can re-invite a user to the survey if they 'decline' the invitation, 'abandon' the invitation, or if they accept and do not complete the survey.

By default, the re-invite will occur in 90 days. You can set to it any number of days for each of these three conditions. There is no limit to the number days after which a visitor can be re-invited.

A visitor can be re-invited any number of times.

  • Accept - The invitation can be accepted by clicking "Yes, I'll give feedback" on a desktop device, or by tapping "Text Me" or "Email Me" on a mobile device.
  • Decline - The invitation can be declined by clicking "No, thanks" on a desktop (see the red box in the image below). On a mobile device, the survey can be declined by clicking the "x" in the top right corner of the invitation (see the orange boxes in the images below).
  • Abandon - The invitation can be abandoned on a desktop device by clicking the "x" in the top right corner of the survey invitation, or by clicking out of the survey invitation window.

Note: The Green Box shown on the mobile invitation is not counted as an accept, decline, or abandon. The mobile invitation may re-appear on additional pages if the sampling criteria are met.