Cookie Details

What information is collected in the cookies?

The information collected in the ForeSee cookies is used to provide segmentation information and also help provide the best user experience by answering the following questions:

  • How many pages have been viewed?
  • What survey definition should be applied?
  • Has the sampling criteria been met for an invitation?
  • Has an invitation been seen in this session?
  • What customer parameters have been captured?
  • When should the user be invited again?
  • What URL is the visitor on currently?
  • What referring URL did the visitor come from and what search terms were used?
  • What browser and OS did the visitor use?

Is PII collected in the cookie?

Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is never intentionally collected by ForeSee. ForeSee does, however, have the capability of collecting parameters identified by ForeSee clients through a URL, JavaScript variable, or cookie that could provide segmentation information. See Customer Passed Parameters (CPPs).

When does the cookie expire?

All data stored inside the cookie is expired in 24 hours.
In code version 19.4.0+, the cookie lives for two years.
(The information above applies to both the traditional and micro-cookie options.)

In older code versions, the cookie lives for 20 years, but is empty beyond 90 days.

What Cookies are Set?

In modern code versions, the following cookies are used:

Code Version 19.4.0+

Cookie Name1st/3rdTypeNotes
_4c_First-partyPerformanceTraditional cookie option (average size 300-400 bytes)
_4c_mc_First-partyPerformanceMicro-cookie option (average size 50 bytes)
  • Cookie values can be read through SDK Extension Points only
  • Network traffic will increase with micro-cookie option as cookie values are written to ForeSee servers.
  • Cookie is automatically set to the highest level domain.

Code Version 19.3.X

Cookie Name1st/3rdTypeNotes
_4c_First-partyPerformanceFor Code Version 19.3.0+
  • Cookie compression is introduced in order to reduce the size of the cookie and also makes the cookie unreadable.
  • Average cookie size is 300-400 bytes
  • Cookie is automatically set to the highest level domain.*

Code Version 19.1.x and 19.2.x

Cookie Name1st/3rdTypeNotes
_fsspl_First-partyPerformanceFor Code Version 19.1.x and 19.2.x

Code Version 19.1.x+

Cookie Name1st/3rdTypeNotes
fsiceThird-partyFunctionalityFor Code Version 19.1.x+
_fssplThird-partyFunctionalityFor Code Version 19.1.x+

Code Version 19.0.x+

Cookie Name1st/3rdTypeNotes
acs.tFirst-partyFunctionalityFor Code Version 19.0.x+

Code Version 19.0.x and Below

Prior to v19.1.x, ForeSee utilized three cookies. Two session cookies (fsr.s and fsr.a) which store information relating to the survey control and operation, as well as some basic information, such as the number of pages a user has viewed and the URL’s the user was on when they entered and left the site.

In addition to the items mentioned in the prior paragraph, the ForeSee cookie can contain Customer Passed Parameters (CPPs). This data can range from values stored within a variable, cookie, or URL parameter. To pass CPPs, special coding needs to be programmed into the survey configuration file in order to pass any additional data. This code is client-controlled so you know what data is being passed when the code is implemented.

ForeSee also has a persistent cookie (fsr.r) which contains information indicating when a user has received a survey invitation in order to prevent the same user from being presented with another invitation for a specified period of time.