Data Column Definitions

Common data columns:

  • rawId: ID for this entry.
  • RespondentId: Respondents unique identifier.
  • measurementKey: The survey’s unique identifier.
  • responseTime: Time of the response in the America/New_York time zone.

Question data columns:

  • questionId: The question's unique identifier.
  • questionName: The question text.
  • questionPhrase: The question text.
  • questionType: Indicates the type of the question. This column may have any of the following
    values: CQ (Custom Questions), MQ (Model Questions), CPP (Customer Passed Parameters), EPP
    (External Passed Parameters).
  • questionLabel: A short name for the question.

Answer data columns:

  • AnswerLabels: Used if there is an additional friendly label to the answer such as "1=Very Unlikely".
  • AnswerDisplayLabels: Usually the value of the radio option. If an answer label is provided that value is also provided here.
  • AnswerTexts: Same as the answer label, a 5 option on a survey might have a choice that reads "Once every several months or less". This field holds that text value.
  • AnswerValue: Numeric value that backs the option selected.
  • AnswerFreeTextValues: Open-end text values for the response.

Note: Answer labels may or may not have values, whereas AnswerDisplayLabels will always contain a value for CQ (Custom Questions) and MQ (Model Questions).

Score data columns:

  • latentId: Latent's unique identifier.
  • latentName: Name of the latent.
  • latentType: Type of latent - Element, Satisfaction, or Future Behavior.
  • latentScore: Score given for that latent.