Desktop Survey Trigger Option

This topic explains the Desktop trigger options for surveys that use Classic or Modern survey invitation and rendering templates.
After the sampling criteria has been met for a specific survey definition, the invitation displays as a modal overlay. Once displayed, the site visitor has the option to accept or decline the invitation.
If the site visitor accepts the invitation, two behaviors are possible based on the configuration.

  • If a survey is configured as "in-session", clicking the accept button immediately launches the survey.
  • In the "on-exit" mode, clicking the accept button launches a tracker window. The tracker window can be minimized by the visitor and re-appears as the survey at the end of the session on your site.
    After the site visitor has acted on the invitation, they are not invited again for a configurable period. See Configuring Re-invite Behavior for more information.

Tracker Window

The Tracker window is used to monitor the status of the site visit so that the survey questionnaire can be presented at the end of the visit (i.e. when the visitor leaves the website). This allows the site visitor to provide feedback based on their full site experience. If the Tracker window is closed by the site visitor, they do not receive the survey questionnaire. (Note: Communication between the Tracker window and the main window occurs roughly every two seconds).

Tracker Behavior

The behavior of the Tracker window is different with different browser types:

  • Chrome - The Tracker window loads in front of the browser window.
  • Internet Explorer - The Tracker window loads behind the browser window.
  • Edge - The Tracker window loads behind the browser window.
  • Safari - The Tracker window loads behind the browser window.
  • Firefox - The Tracker window loads in front of the browser window.

Note: For Chrome 59+ the Tracker window opens as a new tab instead of a new window for On-Premises deployments of the following SDK versions: 18x and 19.0.0-19.3.6.

Tracker Initial Window


Tracker Secondary Window

The secondary message allows the site visitor to click the window and access the survey at their convenience prior to them exiting the site. The tracker coverts to the secondary state after a default of 30 seconds (or another length of time if desired).


Tracker Alert Notification

An alert can also be set up to let site visitors know when the survey is ready. This alert brings the Survey window back to the foreground. This is available for Chrome (up to version 59) and Internet Explorer. The survey loads once the visitor clicks 'OK'. Without the alert, the Tracker window converts to the survey in the background.


Tracker Window Pop / Cancel on a Clickable Event

(Deprecated from Web SDK version 19.3.2 onwards)
Based on the site visitor's behavior, the Tracker window can either be terminated or converted to a survey using a clickable event (i.e., a click to a specified link or button). These are configured by Verint Support.
The following options are available:

  • Cancel: The cancel feature closes the tracker window if the site visitor clicks on any predetermined page or button. For example, you can cancel the Tracker window if a visitor clicks on the Careers page of your site.
  • Survey: The survey feature immediately converts the tracker to the survey/qualifier, and brings it to the front of the visitor's screen. This can also be used to activate a survey/qualifier, even if the Tracker window hasn't yet loaded. For example, if the visitor clicks a 'Search' button, you may want to immediately get their input on the search results.

Survey Reminder Flow

Typically, the Tracker window converts to the survey and becomes in focus once the user leaves your site. In some cases, this conversion happens before the true end of the session. This can occur if your site redirects to another domain.
In this case, Verint Support can configure a survey reminder flow instead. In this flow, instead of converting to a survey, the tracker converts to a Reminder window. The Reminder window has the same styling as the Tracker window but contains a separate, customizable message. With this flow, the user would not advance to the survey unless they click the 'start survey' button on the Reminder window.